Mother, Father God, God of My Being, I come before you and ask for
this special healing of karmic, misqualified energies.

I call before me this one_(name of person to heal karma with)___ and
see her/him in my spiritual vision.(in minds eye, I "see" or imagine
that person)

I ask you_(name)___ to be willing to do this healing work with me.

I call on the Law of Forgiveness for myself and all of mankind, I
forgive everybody and everything and I ask forgiveness FROM everybody
and everything. And I forgive myself.

I See (in vision or minds eye, imagine) the one to do the work with
standing before me, I Ask this one to forgive me saying; _(Name)__ I
take full responsibility for all pain or harm that I have caused you
in this life time and in All Lives and Times clear back to the very
beginning of time, known and unknown; and I ask you to forgive me
for this. I forgive you for All pain and harm that you have caused
me in this life and in All Lives and Times clear back to the very
beginning of time, known and unknown.

And I forgive myself.

(Imagine into your minds eye Archangel Michael and see all of these
actions being done there)

I Call forth Archangel Michael with YOUR Flaming Blue Sword and ask
You to cut loose ALL cords which tie me to this one _(name)__.
Above, below, on all sides, and in front and back. I release and Let
go all cords connecting me to this individual. I "SEE" in my minds
eye Archangel Michael coming forth with His Flaming Blue Sword and
with it, severing all the cords connected to my body from this
individual and all cords I have connecting to the individual.
I "See" them ALL being cut loose and freed. Thank you Archangel
Michael, Thank You, thank you, thank you.

I Call forth Saint Germaine with YOUR Mighty Violet Transmuting Flame
and ask You to blaze through these cords and transmute all
misqualified energies clear back to the very beginning of time, to
the Pure Love of God, (or whatever quality you choose to have the
energies transmuted into) (do not eliminate this step, as the
transmuting creates a vacuum and if we do not fill it the Universe
will rush in and fill it with whatever comes along, very important

I "SEE" in my minds eye the Violet Transmuting Flame blazing through
ALL the cords clear back to the very beginning of time and
transmuting the energies to the quality I desire. I Ask that the
root, cause, core, effects and every hair and title of this energy be
transmuted and removed from my being and aura forever.
I "See" (imagine) the Violet Transmuting Flame blazing through ALL
those cord, I "see" it consume and change the energies, I "see" this
step being done. Thank you Saint Germaine Thank You, thank you,
thank you.

From My heart I send the Pure Love of God, I see it flowing from the
Central Sun into my crown charka and out my heart, to this
individual, surrounding them and filling them completely.

I Ask Jesus to come and take this individual to their rightful place
in their Divine Plan of Life. And I Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I Ask the angels to remove all memory of these deeds from me and that
if memory should resurface to help me turn it back over to God
immediately, so as not to return this energy to myself and reattach
the cords again. Thank you Angels, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank You Archangel Michael, Saint Germaine, Jesus Christ, Angels of
Light involved and thank You God of my being for this healing and
clearing, Amen & Amen & Amen............AND SO IT IS, AND SO LET IT

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Thank you so much for this...i feel the freeing light surround me and all has been changed for my good.....Perfect Timing, what a perfect birthday gift...i knew the angels would start delivering my presents today...that's why i was in such a high state of expectancy this morning...whoo hoo!!

i am glad Ramona....

Thank you Amba!  This is just what I need right now. 



i m glad Stacy.....much love....

Many thanks, Amba! May I substitute Jesus with someone else or angels? I don't feel attuned to him.


Great! Thanks!

A big thank you Amba,
how absolutely beautiful. A lovely gift, bless you.

Thsnk you master

you are welcome

 Thank you Amba <3

Thank you AMBA


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