We would like to talk to you about karma, and releasing karma. It is a
very interesting subject, because people tend to think that karma is a
thing that is unavoidable. One of the great things of now is that it is
possible to be karma free. Becoming karma free is extremely simple.
Most people don’t actually realize how karma works.

This word “karma” has been bandied around for years and years. People say, “How
are you today?” and you say, “Well, everything is terrible. I’m working
out my karma with the person.” So, this word “karma” actually means
cause and effect. Every cause has an effect, so if you think this
through, you will understand how we can become
slaves to the effect. We’re the people that put the cause into it.
The effects then ripple out, just like throwing a stone into a pond. If
the pond is calm, and peaceful, and serene, and you hurl a huge stone
into the middle of it, then what happens is that long after the stone
has disappeared and you have already done the action of throwing it, you
get the ripples, the effect of throwing the stone in. This is a very
easy way of summing up this doctrine or this law of cause and effect.

There was a time when people thought, “If I do good works, I will get good
karma.” So people tended to get involved in healing, spiritual work,
spiritual counseling; they became peaceful and thought, “Yes, with all
these good works I am gathering good karma.” But what I, Quan Yin,
would like to say to you is that all karma is undesirable, be it good or
bad, or supposedly good or bad; because a lot of things that
human beings tend to think of as bad are actually good for that
person. It is through these effects that people are able to learn.

But what is being said to you now is that there is no need to go through
any pain and suffering in order to learn anymore, because all the
information is available for you to work with. It is not a question of
doing good works for good karma, because all karma has to be balanced,
be it supposedly good or bad. You imagine that if you are doing lots of
good works, and you are saying to yourself that you are gathering good
karma, well, you will have to balance that out somehow. The people and
the situations that you are involved with, those situations have to be
balanced, so good karma is as undesirable as bad karma, and we will put
both those words “good” and “bad” in quotation marks and underline them
to make you realize that in the eyes of the Source, in the eyes of the
Creator, this
energy that many people would term God, or Mother/Father God, that
there really isn’t anything such as good or bad. Good or bad does not
exist. It is conditioning that makes people believe that some things
are good and some things are bad. In fact it is a judgement, and when
you understand what judgement does, judgement also encircles you in
energy which is limiting. So every time that you say, “This is good,
this is bad,” or, “This person is good, this person is bad,” or “This
act is good and this act is bad,” well then, you are judging, and that
is not good. As human beings you have been told that God is the judge
and God judges everybody, but in fact God judges nobody.

This is why the Ascended Masters, and many other beings that are working for
the Light, and for the Source, in the advancement of consciousness, and
the anchoring of the Light, are not actually looking for saints and
representatives. Nobody takes any
notice of saints, not until long after they are dead, or long after they have taken their ascension.
Nobody listens to saints. They say, “Saintly person, that has no
relevance to me.” God doesn’t judge, we judge ourselves. And when we
say that this is a bad act, or this is a good act, both are acts of
judgement, which is undesirable in this process. What we have to
realize is that, as Kuthumi said earlier on, there is no such thing as
mistakes, only lessons; and no such thing as problems, only
solutions. Through letting go and appreciating that you are a Christed
being, that you as individuals are Christed beings, this means you can
let go of judgement: judgement against yourself. A lot of people say,
“I can’t do this, and I can’t do that, and I can’t do the other, because
if I did this, or that, or the other thing…” What I
would say to you is that every time you hold those thoughts within your
mind, then you limit yourself, and bind yourselves to karma, the law of
cause and effect. So it is now a question of just allowing yourself to

Many people now have the ability of tuning into past lives. There are many people around who have the capability of tuning into
past lives for those who can’t do it for themselves, and a lot of
information comes forward on past life scenarios. People say, “Well, I
did such and such a thing in a past life, so therefore I can’t be all
that good.” But many ones have had a very checkered life upon Earth.
Any ones that can say that they have always been whiter than white and
with the Light, who is going to put their hand up? Nobody is going to
put their hand up, because it never happened. Even the Ascended Masters
went through their processes, so if the ascended Masters were holding
the times when they had actually been in the dark T-shirt teams, they
would still be asking, "How can I wear a light T-shirt, how can I be a
worker for the Light?” So as you hold onto these deeds and events in
past lives and in this life, that ties you to the energy of that event
or thought. And that ties you to that level of consciousness, and that
is karma in action.

So it is not a question now of everything has to be balanced, because everything can be balanced. All you have to do
is to let go of these thoughts, let go of these ideas, let go of the
fear that is associated with that, let go of the feelings of not being
good enough, and go forward. You are all healers, you are all saints,
you are all Ascended Masters, you are all beings of the Light. To stay
in that situation, all you have to do is make those affirmations. So
this is why we say that everybody can become karma free. It is not
the Karmic Board (and I, Quan Yin, am the Chairperson of this Karmic
Board) have actually got our heads together and decided to let everybody
off. You see, we are not particularly interested in individual karma
at all.

We the Karmic Board are more worried with the karma of races, with the karma of towns, with the karma of countries, with the
karma of cities. There are many, many things that hold different
countries, even different towns, different communities, in karma
situations, because many of the beings there have performed many, many
different acts against others, at different times, in different lives,
and these beings tend to conglomerate, they tend to reincarnate and come
together again in other lives. They have still got these energies,
these thoughts, these feelings. Now, you can put this into a very
simple context. The word is out that the cold war is over. Everybody
knows what the cold war was; it
was this thing between Russia and America. Of course, Great Britain
was involved, too, because of their association with America.

What everybody was told was that communism was bad, and not healthy, and
that if the communists managed to invade your country, either in person
or in consciousness (because there is not a lot of difference), the
result is the same, you will not have a very good time in your material
lives. So many, many people came to the idea that Russians were bad.
This was a very common idea, that Russians were bad, when in fact many
Russian people are very beautiful people. But in the minds of many,
Russians were bad. So that gave Great Britain karma with the Russian
people, and in some ways that has to be worked out. Of course, we can
work it out by sending the Russian people Love and Light. So that is
just one instance of the way that this karma between countries works.
Now think
of the karma that the German nation has with the country of Israel.
Not that the Germans really ever attacked Israel, but what they did was
to attack the Jewish race. Because many of the world’s Jews are in
Israel now, it is obvious that Germany has a lot of karma with Israel.
In many ways, the Germans are actually addressing that, because many
Germans go to Israel now. It is amazing how may German people you find
in Israel; tourists, holidaymakers. In the sixties, when I lived in
Israel, Germans were abused. If you had a Volkswagen car, people threw
stones at it and chanted on the streets every time you pulled up in it.
It was like that. But in fact, the Germans are going there now, and
one of the things that the Germans are doing is spending money there,
and the fact that they spend money helps balance things out, because it
gives the Israeli government cash to play with, foreign currencies. So
you see, they are helping to redress the balance of karma there.

All that I am saying is that all you have to do is affirm that you have no
ties with anybody. Archangel Michael is the great one for this. He can
give you ways of cutting these ties, and really cutting off your links
with everybody. He will help you to cut the psychic ties, not only a
blanket of psychic ties, but you can actually choose whatever psychic
ties you wish to cut. Preferably I would say that you should cut them
all. But you see, sometimes you have ties with people through your base
chakra. You might have had sex with them. You might have had a
marital relationship with them, and on one level you are tied through
your base chakra, and through your second chakra, because that’s where
the energy of that activity flows from. But you also may have ties with
the heart, too. If you have ties with people, then this is
undesirable, because these psychic ties are like links, energies,
cables, communication cables. Every time they start thinking about you,
be it positively or not so positively, you are actually bringing that
energy into you. That energy is flowing into you, so it is very, very
possible that many of the things that you feel, and the confusion that
you feel in your lives now, has to do with somebody else. If you really
think about what that means, it is like being a cork on a stormy sea.
You are picking up so much psychic debris from others through these
cords, through these communication lines, so it is necessary t cut them
off. If you cut them off, again that helps you to sort your karma out,
because if you’ve got this to-ing and fro-ing of energies between others
(and you can see so many people that have so many connections on a
psychic level), and this to-ing and fro-ing of energy actually just
binds you to everything
that has gone on between you. So we would ask you to work on cutting
these ties, and to work with Archangel Michael. Affirm that you are
karma free, and that is it, you are karma free. Affirm that no longer
are you subject to the laws of cause and effect, because this is being a
creator of your own reality. You don’t have to go through this reality
of processing, this buzz word “processing”. You don’t have to go
through emotional trauma to get there. Just affirm that you are karma
free, that you are Love, and affirm that you are Light, and then that is
what you are.

When you affirm, “I am confused, I am miserable, I don’t know where to go.” When you affirm that someone is holding you
back, that in your relationships the other person makes you miserable
and confused, that is actually the situation that you bring. So what we
would ask you to do is to follow this very nice modern system
of yoga. It’s called Laughter Yoga. We’ve had denial yoga, starvation
yoga, lock-yourself-away yoga, plank in the face yoga. We’ve had duvet
yoga, “Can’t get up, I’m too miserable.” But now we have laughter
yoga. Moving into laughter yoga really helps to free you up and make
you realize how silly your thoughts and feelings are, these thoughts and
feelings of confusion. If only you could learn to laugh about it and
just see the funny side. Many, many ones want to connect with I, Quan
Yin, and ask me many questions about their lives, and why they are so
miserable and subject to so many discordant energies. Sometimes I just
feel like laughing at them. It is not because I think that they are
stupid. It’s because I just see that there is no reason for it, no
valid reason at all in the eyes of God and in the eyes of the beings
that will help you to drop the discordant energies. Just
learn to laugh, because if you learn to laugh at yourselves you can see
that when you get into confused thoughts and you start wandering round
in circles and you don’t know what to do, if only you sat down and
laughed, everything would just lighten up. If only you just sat down and
laughed instead of sitting down and crying.

It is a human tendency to think, “Why is this always happening to me?” It’s a human
tendency to think, “It’s only me that gets it.” It’s a human tendency
to think, “Well, why am I not as holy as the rest of them?” What I
would say to you is that you are as holy as the rest of them. The
reason why it is only you that is getting it is that it is only you that
is creating it in your own life. You are actually creating it in your
own lives. Being a co-creator of the reality on Earth and being a
co-creator and creator of your own reality is something that everybody
to understand that they are capable of. This might sound like a bit of
hell-fire and brimstone message, but it is not. It’s just the way
things are. So again, just let me say the words to you: co-creator and
creator. Everybody is co-creating the level of consciousness here on
the planet. The only reason why the third dimension still exists is
because people wake up in the morning and think that they are in the
third dimension, and collectively people indulge in activities and
thoughts which relate to third-dimensional consciousness. In fact , we
are not in the third dimension at all. Earth isn’t in the third
dimension, Earth has moved on. I Quan Yin will now tell you that the
Earth is now actually in the fifth dimension.

Now that will make some of you wonder, because you all thought that fifth dimension was
ascension, didn’t you? You see, the carrots have been dangled on the
sticks in
front of your noses, to keep you moving forwards and to keep some ideas
in your mind about this process of moving onwards. Now we are not
saying that the human beings are in the fifth dimension. What we are
saying is that Mother Earth is in the fifth dimension. Human beings are
still catching up in consciousness. But when we say that human beings
are not in the fifth dimension, we will change that, and we will say
that many human beings are actually in the ninth, tenth, twelfth,
fourteenth and much higher dimensions, but they are still living here
and they don’t know that there are there. It’s possible for you to be
existing in ninth and tenth and twelfth and thirteenth and fourteenth
dimensional consciousness, without actually realizing it. Marvelous,
It? You see, the planet will go through dimensional shifts, and the planet has already moved out of the third dimension into the
fourth dimension
years ago. That’s when everybody started getting confused.

That’s when people started asking, “What’s happening? We don’t know what’s
going on.” And that’s when even the lowliest person in the street in
consciousness started saying, “Something’s different, but I don’t
understand what it is. Why am I so emotional? Why am I so angry?”
Because this emotional trauma and confusion comes out in all kinds of
ways. Fear and anger are two of the main ones. Why am I so angry? You
can see that there is a terrific amount of anger around in the world in
which you live. There is a terrific amount of anger around because
people don’t know that their consciousness is changing, and they don’t
know how to go with that. They become very frustrated. So therefore
people get angry at the least little thing. You can see that in your
news and media; it is full of
the news of violence, even in places where violence was never heard
of. In the small villages and in the village pub, violence erupts at
the slop of a drop of beer. Violence just erupts, and this is a
reflection of people’s confusion, because of the change in dimensional

People still haven’t worked it out yet. Also there are other reasons, because time is different now. People say that
there is no time, but there isn‘t anything such as time, except what
human beings have laid upon themselves as a system of control.
Obviously time was brought about so that everybody could get to the
factory on time, and sell their souls for nothing, for another day, for
another crust. Time was invented so that people’s activities could be
synchronized. In fact, there is no time within the universe; time is
eternal. It is only in this dimension of consciousness that time
supposedly exists.

But people are now saying that time is changing. People say that there are not enough hours in the day. People say that they are
sure that time is speeding up. Time is not speeding up; the spin of the
planet is slowing down. It gives you the illusion of less time.
That’s what is really happening. Again, this contortion in space and
time is making people confused. They don’t understand what is
happening. People that have never heard anything about spiritual life,
people that have never heard anything about Christ consciousness, and
people that don’t really understand what Love is.

What most people actually think Love is, is dependence based on fear. It is
always a question of, “If you do this for me, I will love you”, and “If
you do that for me I will love you”, and “If you make me feel safe I
will love you.” What I, Quan Yin, say is that that is
total illusion. It is not Love, it is dependence. And what we don’t
want is for you to be dependent upon anything, except Unconditional Love
and Compassion. It is the only thing worth being dependent upon;
Unconditional Love and Compassion. And once you become dependent upon
Unconditional Love and Compassion, I guarantee you that karma is no
more, because you have just allowed everything else to go. You’ve cut
all the links, you’ve cut all the ties, you’ve dispensed with all these
energies which are holding you in confusion. It’s like when you have
all these discordant energies around you, and this love based on fear
and dependence, it’s like being in a chrysalis, it’s like being in a
cocoon. You are just bound up and constrained, and just there in
nowhere. You are just there in the nether regions of existence, cut off
from the energy of Love, and cut off from the energy which we call
Mahatma, and also cut off from the compassion of all the angels, the
Archangels, even the two-dimensional elemental beings that live inside
the Earth.

If the two-dimensional beings weren’t there, there wouldn’t be any third, fourth or fifth dimensional beings. Think of
that one. They are supporting you as well. They have got compassion
for you as well, the two-dimensional beings, the two-dimensional
energies. In fact, it might surprise some of you when I tell you that
the two dimensional energies, that the two dimensional beings are the
healers of the human race. There are certain of them that are charged
with the healing of the human race, and support the human race in that
way. So when you are cocooned in this energy of fear, and cocooned in
these discordant energies of dependence, what can you experience except
fear and feeling of dependence? Those of you that are familiar with
kind of philosophies will know what I am going to say next; that when
you emerge form that cocoon, what are you? A butterfly, and all of you
know how beautiful butterflies are. How colorful they are, how free
they are. It’s their emergence from this cocoon of discordant energies,
this cocoon of karmic energies, which you gather around yourselves, the
emergence from there is what you could say this ascension process is
about. It’s moving into Love, it’s moving into Compassion, and it’s
moving into freedom, because that’s what Love and Compassion is. The
energy of Love and Compassion is the energy of freedom, because you
can’t be free when you’re fearful. When you’ve got fears about
anything, you are not free.

All human beings have got these different ideas of freedom. Is freedom having plenty of money? Is
freedom having the capability of travelling anywhere, and going
anywhere upon your world? I look at the people that have that
capability. Look at those people who are termed millionaires in a
material sense. Many, many of those people are considered to have total
freedom. But they don’t have total freedom. Yes, they can transport
their physical bodies wherever they might like. They may be able to buy
any kind of physical experience that they require, but you can’t buy
Love. Not Unconditional Love, because it is not for sale.
Unconditional love is totally free, and it’s there for anybody that
wants to take it. There’s no price, and you don’t even have to do
anything to take it. What I always say when I go to the Unconditional
Love dealers is, “Put some salt and vinegar on it, don’t wrap it. I’ll
eat it now!” Because that’s what everybody should be doing; just
consuming Unconditional Love like a glutton. Just consuming it
until you are so full of it that the end result is total freedom.
Total freedom from all fear, and total freedom from all constraints.
Become karma free.

This is what I ask you to do. And dispensations are there now. At one time, people had to work hard, but
now you don’t have to work hard anymore. All you have to do is affirm,
“I am free, I am Love, I am Compassion.” And the energy of freedom just
flows into your life. The energy of freedom just overwhelms all other
constricting energies. To sum up what I have said, I would ask you to
just allow this energy of Love and Compassion, this energy of the I AM
Presence, of the Source, this energy of mahatma, just allow it to flow
through your whole being. And anytime that you get discordant thoughts,
and you get the energy of fear trying to encroach on your love space,
just call in Germaine. Germaine is the Keeper of the silver/Violet
Flame, and this Silver/Violet Flame has a ferocious appetite. It can’t
be overloaded; it is just there to transmute these energies into Love.
And every time that these energies start coming towards you, just
affirm, “You are not part of my reality. You are not part of my life
and my energy.” And if they still keep coming at you, because often
they will, you will need to affirm again, “This is not part of my
reality. I don’t subscribe to this reality, and I consign these
thoughts and feelings for purification to the silver/Violet Flame of

It’s so easy, you don’t even have to call him Saint Germaine anymore. He’s decided that he will have much more “street
cred” if you drop the Saint! It’s known that some people have
difficulty in taking notice of a saint, and working with saints, because
they think that they are not good enough. So Germaine has
even helped you on that one. He said, “OK, we’ll cross out the Saint;
it will make them feel easier.” So, does anybody have a question?

Is it true at this time that we are actually helping the planet to work
out the rubbish that we’ve put into it, and that sometimes we can have
dreams and recollections that bear no resemblance to what is going on in
our particular scenario? This is true, because human beings have
dumped so much on the planet, and all these acts are in the memory of
the planet. It was well known even then that the Earth wold start
holding everybody’s memories in the gridwork. Now the gridworks have
been cleared out. A lot of people think that ley lines are the energy
gridwork. Ley lines are only part of the energy gridwork of the
planet. A lot of people think that the energy gridwork is inside the
planet, when in fact most of the energy gridwork is outside of the
planet. You will find now, you people that are dowsers, you will find
that when you dowse a ley line you will be able to work out how many
levels of the line are activated. Ten years ago or something most of
the energy lines that we worked with we would find out that there would
only be one level activated. Now I am finding levels where there are
twelve lines activated. Of course, as this energy comes up out of the
gridwork, it activates your chakras, so there is obviously a need now
for everybody’s twelfth chakra to be activated, so in many places where
the lines have really been worked on and cleared, there are actually
twelve levels working. So when people are in the vicinity of a line
that has got twelve levels working, they are being worked on on twelve
levels. All the grid lines are now up to heart level, every one of
them. It is only in places where there are severe blockages still, in
less major
meridian lines, that things aren’t up to heart level. As you walk
around the planet, your heart is being worked on. This is another
reason why so many are going through emotional things. Does this
explain? It’s a long answer with a bit added, I think.

(Channeled by John Armitage, Hari Das Melchizedek, at Bangor, May 25, 1996)

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Forgot cord releasing few months back. “I am free, I am Love, I am Compassion.” 

PRICELESS, Thank You & God Bless


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