Hello all,

First up i want to say what a wonderful group and website this is! So informative, insghtful and full of support... its exactly what ive been looking for!

I have a question that im hoping someone can help me with.

In 2005 i was attuned to reiki level 1 which was a very nice and peaceful feeling and have used it often; however i have noticed that the reiki seems to be flowing nicely and generously out of my left hand and left hand only, when i apply reiki i feel nothing coming out of my right hand at all.

is that ok or is there some sort of imbalance??


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Hello Flame. How are you ? Here's my guess. 

We all feel some kind of imbalance when energy flows. I'm attuned to more than 200 different Reiki systems and variations, many of them directly from their founders. I myself have experienced some imbalances, but not to an extent like the one you mentioned. 

My first feeling is that you have some kind of blockage. It may be so deep rooted and intense that it may cause a huge assimmetry in the flow.

From my standpoint, which is mainly Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, shiatsu, etc), I would say that you have some stagnant energy in your liver, which is located on your right side, giving you the feeling that your left side is allowing a stronger flow (or rather full flow compared to no flow on your other side) .

Yes, the liver is the organ in our bodies that usually get clogged and is responsible for sluggish flow in the manner you are describing. That blockage may also arise together with other organs, like the large and small intestines, kidneys, triple warmer -- because a blockage does not happen to only one isolated part of your system, but as a kind of chain reaction.
I would suggest you see a GOOD specialist as soon as possible.   

On the other hand, one might argue that the problem might be somewhere at the Reiki source (God, Tao, etc), but I have never seen/felt that happen, and it does not make any sense to me, because sacred geometry would never allow that kind of anomaly to take place at the essential level. 

You'll soon be ok with that. Many blessings.

(Continued from previous reply)

From an Ayurvedic/Yogic perspective, you may have an big imbalance between your left and right sides (Ida and Pingala channels). In that case, alternated nostril breathing would help you a lot, since they are great for that kind of symptoms. 
Here you have some good videos: CLICK HERE . But that does not replace seeing a specialist. 

Do you have any specific pain or tensions ? Remember symptons are indications to your healing and spiritual path. Spirituality is a lot about self-watching. 


Thank you Andre for taking the time to respond.

ill look into that; will be booking in to see an acupuncturist in a few weeks so ill discuss it then.

I have no specific pains; i am otherwise in good health so im very interested in finding out what this could be.

once again; Thanks you :D

You're welcome. 

Hello Flame

I would make your sure intention is for Reiki to be flowing out both hands. Flow some Reiki on to the right hand with the left hand with the intention to restore the ability for the flow of Reiki to flow from the right hand at the end of the healing treatment. Create a ball of Reiki between your hands with the intention to flow from both hands to do so. When working on yourself or a client, using both hands with the intention of the Reiki to flow through both of them at the same time.



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