Hey Everyone,

I received my Usui Masters attunement a couple of  month from reiki blessings. I need to complete case studies in order for me to complete the program and receive my certificate. I am looking for volunteers to receive distant healing and attunements. What I need to do is send the healing or attunements and gather some feedback. If anyone is interested let me know. You respond to me here or send me an email at gary@downtoearthtarotandreiki.com



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Things have been great, I still feel the sensation in my hands and I have given myself treatments but not others. I do not yet feel confident about treating others. It's the learning aside from the attunments that I need more of. As far as the energies, I have been told mine is very strong by more than one person . Thank you so much and take care.


 iam rakesh chenicheri as a reiki master teacher   

 i would like  as volonteer   . pls contact  here or my mail. rakeshsivam@gmail.com

Hello Gary, Namaste!,

How very coool, That I just basically sent a letter in which Im totally begging for assistance here and some power behind what Im needing and a deep need and that I sent it to pretty much to one of the most affluential? and all in confidence for the initial time being and realizing in the detail that Im asking a huge favor and asking alot too for free or? Time is wearing down and issues have built and I need to stop the crazies? And admit that I need to seek help now! The truth too? I did, I was for the first time about these issues, honest and to the extent of what I do know? So, Im here, almost as if on "CUE" and I will wait and see what comes back to me?

Nonetheless, I do wish YOU all the best in your venture and I admire what youve set out to do in helping people/Humanity as your mission, your calling? Is one of the most important of all! And Thank you for your time and OR consideration in this regard, I send you Blessings in the name of PEACE and with Love and Light of the Most Divine and of the Highest!

Sincerely, Miss SheilahAnn Hatcher and BobbyKat too!/Namaste!


Greetings my friend. I live in Greece and i am also interested in volunteering for distant healings and attunements.

Hello Gary, My name is Rebecca I live in Arizona and would Love & Appreciate the
Gifts you offer of Healing & Attunements. Love & Light Rebecca

Hi Gary,

  I'm interest in receiving the healing energy. So much darkness is in the building where I live and it is coming to me and my apartment. I wake up with a burning headache, I'm losing weight over night, hair breakage,I'm cold all of the time my energy level is getting low and the list goes on. So as you can see I can really use some good energy.



Good evening Id'e be interested in distant healing and being attuned, love and light. :)

Good evening Id'e be interested in distant healing and being attuned, love and light. :)

I am ready for volunteer for distant's healing

i am interested if it is still offered

May i ? Master...m 3a level student.bt i have no more knowledge about master symbol or more symbols,nor i can attune anybody.thank you

namaste master.. i would like to be volunteer.i am reiki 3a level pract.but i have knowledge of common master symbol method only.


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