How to Open, Anchor and Activate the 50 Chakras
"At the completion of one’s seventh initiation
their thirty-sixth chakra will be anchored
in the crown chakra."
- Melchizedek

This chapter deals with a completely new understanding of the chakras that has never before been written about in this. In most spiritual schools there is the understanding that we have seven major chakras and many minor chakras. In some new age mystery schools one occasionally learns that we have twelve chakras. Well, I am here to tell you that, in truth, we have 36 major chakras that must be dealt with if you plan on completing your seven levels of initiation.
The best way to understand the chakras is to see that they basically come in sets of seven according to the dimensional grid with which they are associated:

Third dimensional chakra grid Chakras one through seven
Fourth dimensional chakra grid Chakras eight through fifteen
Fifth dimensional chakra grid Chakras sixteen through twenty-two
Seventh dimensional chakra grid Chakras thirty through thirty-six
There is also:
Eighth dimensional chakra grid Chakras thirty-seven through forty-three
Ninth dimensional chakra grid Chakras forty-four through fifty

As we evolve spiritually, these chakras naturally descend, just as the soul and Monad naturally descend in the process of initiation and ascension. The world has not known of these higher chakras because the world has not, until now, to any great extent, evolved beyond the third and fourth dimensions of reality. As we approach Wesak of 1995 with its first wave of mass ascension, this will change dramatically. This is why this new information of the chakras is coming forward now.
Vywamus, through Janet McClure, was the first to come out with some detailed information on the 22 chakras. For a comprehensive overview of this material and the basic teachings about the chakras I would recommend reading my second book called “Soul Psychology”. Since I have written about the third, fourth and fifth dimensional chakra grids elsewhere, I am not going to repeat myself here.

What I do want to say is that, when a person ascends and takes their sixth initiation, their 16th chakra becomes anchored in the crown. What ascension really is, from the frame of reference of the chakras, is the complete anchoring into the four body system of the third and fourth chakra grids. That is, chakras one through fifteen. When the sixteenth chakra anchors, which is the first chakra of the fifth dimensional chakra grid, you have ascended and are in the beginning stage of the fifth dimension. To complete one’s ascension or sixth initiation one must then anchor and actualize the entire fifth dimensional chakra grid and the sixth dimensional chakra grid.
Now one would think that to take the seventh initiation all one would have to do is complete the fifth dimensional chakra grid and anchor the first of the sixth dimensional chakra grid. However this was not the case in my personal experience. When I took the seventh initiation, I had installed and actualized up to the 33rd chakra. The seventh initiation is entrance into the sixth dimension. The 33rd chakra is actually in the seventh dimensional chakra grid. I don’t know if I was a little precocious or if this is the level which all must attain in order to take the seventh. I tend to think this is a standard level, just as a certain Light quotient needs to be achieved.

To complete one’s seventh initiation it is required for all initiates to fully install, anchor, and actualize all 36 chakras. In other words, at the completion of your seventh initiation, your 36th chakra will be in your crown and so on. Following is a list showing the corresponding chakra and areas:

Chakra 36 Crown
Chakra 35 Third eye
Chakra 34 Throat
Chakra 33 Heart
Chakra 32 Solar Plexus
Chakra 31 Polarity center
Chakra 30 Root chakra

Your other chakras from the previous sixth dimensional grid will move down through the thighs, knees, ankles, feet and into the earth.

The most important thing that you need to understand here is that this process of anchoring your chakras can be speeded up. This is one of the main reasons I was able to move through the fifth, sixth, and seventh initiations so quickly. I basically began working with the ability to collapse time. Melchizedek recently told Marcia and me that the evolutionary process has never moved this quickly in the history of this planet. In this sense we are prototypes and guinea pigs. The Masters are watching this process of speeded up evolution with great interest, Themselves.

It is important to understand that there are three levels of understanding to this process of anchoring the higher chakras. The first is called installation. The second is called actualization. The third is called accessing the chakra abilities, or utilization.

The first step to speed up your evolutionary process is to request in every meditation you do, for the full anchoring and installation of your 22 chakras and for your fourth and fifth dimensional chakra grids. Upon your invocation and request, these chakras will descend like bodies of Light. You can even channel the individual chakras and talk to them. They each have a consciousness. As they descend they will overlay the previous chakra grid.

I am recommending here that you request to anchor and install up through the completion of the fifth dimensional chakra grid which is chakra 22. One is always allowed to work a little ahead of oneself. Always ask for this (and this is important) under the guidance and direction of your own Mighty I AM Presence and Monad. These are, in truth, very powerful electrical energies and you don’t want to “spontaneously combust” from too much spiritual current.

If you are just beginning your spiritual path, then begin anchoring chakras one through twelve. If you are more advanced, begin anchoring up to chakra fifteen. If you are very advanced and extremely devoted, then do all 22 chakras. At whichever level you are, ask your Mighty I AM Presence to monitor and calibrate the whole process so you stay in the Tao.

Never forget that faster is not better. Slower is not better. Staying in the Tao is the fastest way to God realization and, in truth, the only way to God Realization. An example of this is people who tried to force the evolution of their kundalini unwisely sometimes set themselves back entire lifetimes from the damage they caused to their etheric bodies. I am not trying to scare you here, for this process is totally safe as long as you follow these instructions. Do not attempt, under any circumstance, to anchor chakras 22 through 36 until after you have taken your sixth initiation. One can always activate one grid above where you are presently, but no more than that.

I would also recommend asking the Ascended Masters, especially Djwhal Khul and the Arcturians for help in this process. The installation of the chakra grids is much like spiritual surgery. The first step is installation of that chakra grid. The Masters will also not install the entire chakra grid, or even all seven chakras of that grid, all at once. They will usually do two chakras at a time. This is the reason for the second phase of this process which is actualization. The chakras may be installed but this does not mean that you have actualized them in the slightest. For example, as I mentioned previously, I have all 36 chakras installed, but am actualizing at the moment of writing this, just up to the very beginning of the 35th.

The key question here is, “How does one actualize the chakras that have been installed?” This basically comes through living a God-inspired lifestyle and doing the meditations recommended in this book and in my book, “The Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime”. I would also recommend reading the spiritual autobiography which tells my personal odyssey of going through this process. Meditation, I would say, is the key. Also praying to the Ascended Masters and the Arcturians for help in actualizing your chakras as well as the previous step for having them installed.

The third step is being able to access the chakra abilities. For example, I have almost now actualized my entire 36 chakras. However, I have not yet learned to utilize all of their abilities. Someone like Sai Baba would be an example of one who has. His ability to materialize things, to physically be in two places at once, or teleport and so on, are examples. Utilization is the next step after installation and actualization.

One cannot go higher than the top of the sixth dimension while still retaining a physical vehicle. When one takes the seventh initiation they are in the sixth dimension. The completion of the seventh initiation would be accessing the top level of the sixth dimension without yet switching over to the seventh dimension. One can, however, still access dimensions seven through nine in meditation and dream state. I am currently doing that right now. After the ninth dimension one is no longer dealing with physical existence. The most important point here is to continually ask in meditation for this anchoring to occur.

If you feel a need to know about the progress of this work, and if you can channel, or if you have a friend who can channel, talk with the Masters. If not, it does not matter. You are God and if you ask for this it will be done. This applies to all the meditation techniques in this book.

There is so much that goes on in the spiritual world about which we have not the slightest idea. A lot of what I am sharing with you here is going on faith, and your intuitive knowingness that what I am sharing with you is true and effective. To a third dimensional scientist this whole book may seem like hogwash. To a disciple and initiate it will make perfect sense and be a real as anything you can perceive with your physical senses.

After taking your sixth initiation and ascension you can begin calling in the sixth dimensional chakra grid of chakras 23 through 29. The act of calling them in and anchoring is no different than calling in one of the Ascended Masters. This is not dangerous. Having them installed is the next step which, again I suggest you have Djwhal Khul, the Arcturians, or Vywamus help you. Your good lifestyle, meditations and Light quotient building work will help you to actualize the installation.
It will have taken me eight full months to install and actualize my chakras 23 through 36 and this is incredibly fast. One of the things that has allowed it to move this quickly has been some of the extraordinary people whom I have as friends and wife. I am sure they would say the same thing about me and, in truth, it has been our ascension buddy system that has formed a type of group mind that may have accelerated the process two or three times as fast.

I hesitate sharing my experiences here because I do not want to give anyone totally unrealistic expectations. I am sharing with you what is potentially possible, to motivate you to take advantage of what I have shared and to get disciplined and get down to business so you can achieve full God realization and hence be of greater service to humanity as well as sharing in the extraordinary joy of it all.

by Dr Stone

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Thanks for this Great Info AMBA!

Thank you AMBA. I experience a very effective way to anchor, actualize and open the 50 chakras is the ultimate ascension meditation by Dr. Stone. Their is one point in the ultimate ascension meditation where you call forth the actualization of the 36 chakras in the crown chakra. At this point i was guided to replace the 36 by 50 chakras so it works into the ninth dimension. :-)

Important information I see what process can be complicated and inaccurate. Maybe it's better to be with exact words or phrases destined for all this, like doing Sukhendu Mandal


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