For Hormonal Imbalances in Men and Women

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to be infused, on the
etheric level, with the correct amount of all hormones your body needs
to function in harmony. All the nutrients the body needs, including
the biochemicals it produces for health, can be etherically taken into
the body and balanced. Because everything is energy, this will work.
Hormones govern many things in the body, including cellular
reproduction, pH levels, digestion, immunity, and many many others.
Having balanced hormones is a good idea at any age. It precludes many
chronic illnesses and has an effect on weight gain and loss. Hormone
levels help with anti aging and are important for men and woman. As
the crystalline body continues to increase its ability to process
ionic light energy it will cut back on the maximum necessary hormones
needed to regulate many body functions, the greatest being

For clearing the Lungs and removing a Cigarette Addiction

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to place the Light Vest on
you. This vest is able to transmit light pulses to the lungs
detoxifying them. It also works with the liver to detoxify the
chemicals which cause addiction. The light pulses debride old
blackened tissue from the lungs and also stimulates new pink cells in
the aveolar cells, easing breathing.

For clearing the Lungs of Toxins

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to place the Light Vest on
you. This vest is able to transmit light pulses to the lungs to
detoxify them. This Self-Healing technique can be very useful for
clearing caustic gases or other toxins quickly form the lungs for free
breathing. All of this is done on the etheric level and and quickly
manifests on the physical level as an easing of symptoms. Any and all
of these techniques may be used on children and animals as well. They
may also be used remotely, from a distance. Everything is energy, and
so everything will be effected when you ask and allow. Do not ask for
healing for another adult, without their verbal permission. Do ask for
children, knowing that the healing will only be applied if their Soul
has agreed to it. Silently ask, before proceeding with the technique.

For Increased Vision of the Inner Eye

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to electrically activate
the Council of 4 and 20 in your brain. These correspond to the 12
pairs of cranial nerves in the brain which govern the senses. This
will help with light connectivity and will help open the Inner eye.
Also ask that the multifacited diamond merkiva in the crown chakra
infuse rainbow light, unimpeded into the third eye, by the path of the
Council of 4 and 20. This will activate the pineal gland and have it
working in concert with the pituitary gland, the hypothalmus, thalmus,
and hippocampus, for best results. Having all of these things working
together greatly enhances the ability to register pictures onto the
'movie screen' in the Inner eye.

For repairing Connective Tissue (joints, muscles)

Ask Lord Arcturus and the Galactic Healers to give you a light
infusion into all of your connective tissue. Do this on a regular
basis. Infusing light into these areas repairs cells, removes toxins
and also removes any crystallized energy causing stiffness. Come
early, ask often.

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