In the book "The Complete Ascension Manual" by Dr. Joshua David Stone, he lists ascension seats that were given to him by the Ascended Masters. I'm going to list these 14 plus seats, so anyone can try them. What happens is that as soon as you invoke the seat your spiriual body is transfered to the location in a fraction of a second, with the help of your Higher-Self, and you'll feel energy usually entered into your feet and also other parts of your body. This energy can sometimes be felt in very subtle ways as vibrations or tingling sensations....etc.

One of the Ascension Seats is located in Telos (seat J.), and for some reason I used to like to use this particular seat alot when I first read the book. I think I was drawn to this seat because of some pastlife experiences and also some present life agreements to make more people aware of Telos. So this is where it all started for me, with my direct experiences of Telos.

All you need to do to use these seats is put the words "I now intend to go to...." in the front of the sentence, for example the first seat would be " I now intend to go to the golden chamber of Melchizedek in the universal core". Just saying this once or twice outloud will get you there, then you just sit back and allow the energies to pulse through you, which should last somewhere around 15-20 min.

You can invoke these seats throughout the day, while doing your normal chores. I invoke them while driving, watching TV, in meditation, while walking or hiking in the woods, while waiting on line at the grocery store, and even before I go to bed at night. You can use these seats anytime you wish and still get all the great benefits as if you were sitting in meditation. Some of the practical things you'll feel afterwards is more energy throughout the day to get things done. I always notice an upswing in my energy when use several seats throughout the day.

Dr. Stone has this to say about the seats:

"These fourteen seats are, in my opinion, truely one of the golden keys to achieving and completely your ascension. Use them as much as possible. All you have to do is ask very simply in meditation to be taken to the ascension seat of your choosing and you are instantly there in your spiritual body. You will immediately feel a subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle spiritual current running through your entire four-body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) system. The ascension seats will help to strengthen your grid system, revitalize your molecules, build your Light quotient and accelerate your ascension."

Here are the seats:

A. The golden chamber of Melchizedek in the universal core.

B. Lenduce's ashram ascension seat at the galactic level.

C. The ascension seat in Melchoir's ashram in the galactic core.

D. The ascension seat in the solar core in the chamber of Helios.

E. The ascension seat in Shamballa, the home of Sanat Kumara.

F. The ascension seat on the Arcturian spacecraft called the Light Synthesis Chamber.

G. The ascension seat in Table Mountain, Wyoming, called the Atomic Accelerator.

H. The ascension seat in the Great Pyramid of Giza in the King's chamber.

I. The ascension seat in Mt. Shasta.

J. The ascension seat in Telos, the undergound city one mile below Mt. Shasta.

K. The ascension seat on Commander Ashtar's ship.

L. The ascension seat in Africa in an underground exterrestrial craft.

M. The ascension seat in the center of the middle Earth in Melchizedek's Golden Chamber.

N. The ascension seat is Serapis Bey's ascension retreat in Luxor.


Three more ascension seats which are really great but not listed in Dr. Stone's first book are:

O. Lord of Pleiadies ascension seat on the Pleiadies.

P. Love seat of Sai Baba.

Q. Babaji's cave of immortal bliss.

If you wish to go to these seats, you would say something like " I now intend to go to Sai Baba's love seat"

This particular seat is very interesting rather than just ascension energy Sai Baba also choose's to pulse high vibrational love and joy through you. If you're feeling down or depressed this seat can really help in big ways. I've used it countless times when I felt I needed more love or just wanted to feel wonderful.

These last 3 seats are some of my favorites, I hope everyone gets a chance to sample them. By all means, choose the seats that seem to really jump out at you, and even if you don't have any favorites, you can just start at the top the list and work your way down, as time goes by. You can use these seats all day long and even use just one in particular over and over. Getting creative with the seats is allowed too, so follow your intuition when using them.

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Amba, profound thanks to you for making this work so free and acccessible, great!
Thank You for this!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing! :D 


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