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 prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra

30 September 2011


Kabanal-banalang araw sa inyo! Most sacred day to you all!


Just 64 weeks remain prior to the Earth’s planetary ascension and birthing of the New Earth. Shamballah just released another blast of Integrative Energy to aid Aspirants in integrating the disparate vibratory frequencies permeating their respective psyche and aura, which is good news for the future leaders of the New Earth (advance Aspirants).


Meantime, as an update, let me pronounce that new mystics are now emerging from among the chelas (disciples) of the 300 Great Masters/Avatars and 144,000 Rishis (White Robes). Couples of thousands of Rishis have already ascended in full (departed from the surface) since May of 2010 yet when the White Robes’ ascension began. The generation of new Mystics is truly gladdening, as upon the complete ascension of all 144,000 Rishis on 12/21/12, the new mystics will ascend to Masterhood and become the new Teachers on the surface of the New Earth.


As to the 300 Great Masters/Avatars who embodied down here earlier than us Rishis (this Brother of the White Lodge is among the 144,000), and who served as our (Rishis’) teachers, too many have departed already. Be glad to know that the soul-fragment of Jesus, who embodied in the Middle East, is still around to serve as mahavatar anchorage in aid of advancing the Work and, rest assured, is reaching out silently to the Christian leadership there. All the Divine 300 will be out of the surface by late next year, fully ascended for added emphasis.


As to how many chelas—who are now Mystics—will ascend to ‘master of wisdom’ by 12/21/12, the Hierarchy shall keep mum about the exact numbers. Suffice me to pronounce that the head count is large, as they beef up the Work to spread the Light in the private sphere and assure more Service-For-Others will make it to the New Earth by late next year.


I did my own volunteer tasks of aiding some Aspirants to move quickly into their Mystic awareness, through counsel, process facilitation, and healing done on them during meet-ups in the Etheric plane. One of them, Sister Amba, just graduated to that Mystic level, which surely glowed my heart and those of my fellow Rishis/Melchizedeks who aided her. Sister Amba and her fellow new Melchizedek mystics can now move on to doing Teacher tasks, as the Light from the Great Central Sun protects them and multiplies the power of their Inner Light, ensuring them wisdom as well in intuiting on higher truths as they do their tasks.


I still recall a young seeker (male) ask me a year ago, “Sir, if all of you 144,000 White Robes will be gone from the surface by 12/21/12, who will be left behind to help us?” I candidly told him that “we have replacements, as many of the chelas we mentor will become Mystics soon, and they’d be the teachers and leaders post-2012.” That was just last year by the way, and a year later, at this juncture, thousands of new mystics have been produced, ensuring reserves of new White Robes.


By the way, the new Mystics are those who moved to that level from among the advanced-level seekers. There are now seekers who are in the intermediate-level of their initiation, and who will, by 12/21/2012, become new Mystics while the new mystics of today become Masters. How many intermediate-level seekers will mutate to Mystic awareness late next year? I will leave that up to the Aspirants to configure and intuit upon. They too will join the coteries of new leaders of the New Earth.


So, with new mystics arising pre-2012, the Balance of Forces have all the more clearly turned in favor of the Light Forces. Hundreds of thousands of Evil Masters or ‘dark Chohans’ were already arrested by Lord Gabriel’s Forces since last year when the arrests & seizures commenced, giving the Light Masters a clear qualitative edge in the physical & astral planes of Earth as of this writing. I already shared a heraldry last year yet about the ongoing arrest of the Evil Masters (I was made witness to the start of the arrests & seizures), which corroborates the proclamation of JJHurtak (chela of Lord Metatron) made in the late ‘70s yet regarding the arrests and banishments of Evil Masters at the ‘end of times’ (pre-2012).


For the Terrans who are now eager to cross over to the New Earth, be glad to know that the new mystics are among you. They (mystics) are true harbingers of Light who will continue the Work till more Terrans will be liberated from chains of rebirths and miseries. They join the champions for the spiritual Hierarchy on Earth and the Solar System.




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