Highs and Lows of Present Ascension By Master Kuthumi
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 13-02-14-www.omna.org
It is always with and as love that I greet you, experiencing the joy of connection and truth within each of our beings.
Love as you know is the greatest tool for any form of reality, whether you are on the Earth or the inner planes, it is love
that will support you and act as a tool to wield. It is therefore important I come forth to you greeting you with and as
love because it reminds and awakens a deeper space of awareness and truth of love within your being.
If love is the greatest tool to aid and support any existence it is also the greatest shift to occur within your being.
Therefore love is not only an energy to be experience but a quality to be embodied completely and enacted within
your reality purely and honestly.  There is no moving away from the Creator because in order to heal, to return to
oneness and to experience joy there is the need for acceptance of love, realising it is your powerful tool. The love of
the Creator is the question while also being the answer to all experiences, love simply is within everything and yet it is
so sacred, empowering and inspirational. The love of the Creator is every moment of your ascension, you may have
a specific focus or path but love will always be the focus and path. There is no escaping love and yet as souls on the
Earth many try to hide and block all manifestations of the love of the Creator. This is a tiring process which only leads
to pain and suffering because it brings you joy to recognise the love of the Creator, it is a natural reaction within you
which you cannot deny. The love every soul experiences from the Creator and exuding from their beings is the
Creator, the unknown force which is so familiar, the mysterious guidance which is so empowering and the
unconditional love which is tremendously healing.
In every moment of every soul especially on the Earth there is an aspect of them which is trying to escape the love of
the Creator, to outwit it, out run it and to hide from it.
Why do you choose to escape the love of the Creator? Why is there are aspect of your being which doesn’t wish to
stand in the full beam of the Creator’s love?
These are powerful questions to ask yourself, for you know that the acceptance of love in all areas, aspects and
forms of your reality will bring joy, freedom, abundance and bliss which is not attached or predetermined by anything
or anyone. The love given to you by the Creator and emanates from your being is available for you to experience
twenty four hours a day, you can never experience too much of the Creator’s love and yet it is something aspects of
your being wish to hide from, are fearful of and causes further suffering.
Only you have the answer for the reason you shy away from love and your answer may be different to other souls, but
there is a need to realise how magnificent you are, not so much as who you are now, but as an aspect of the Creator.
The process of accepting your magnificence on a universal and Creator scale is the process of accepting the love of
the Creator. It can feel like a mammoth task and yet it is a gradual process.
The questions of why you try to escape the love of the Creator, even if it is only in a small form within your being such
as becoming irritated or frustrated by another, is actually the vibration predominantly influencing your ascension
process upon the Earth. You exist in the Era of Love upon the Earth, which is a reality where large volumes of love
vibrations have been anchored into the Earth creating a shift in the general consciousness of humanity, the energetic
networks of the Earth and the chakras of the Earth. Every aspect of the Earth is focused upon creating and
experiencing love.  If the love vibration is more anchored and embodied within the Earth then it will naturally interact
with your being and reality.  As you are aware, your physical body has also anchored the same vibrations of love
signifying that your body is focused upon creating and experienced love.  With more love present upon the Earth
there is a need for purification in order to make space for love, but the love is asking every aspect of your being that
doesn’t wish to accept love, why not? Asking, what is stopping you? Basically the love vibration is asking you to
release all that is no longer needed, everything that makes you run from love and asking you to stay, stand and be
present in love forever more. This is a most beautiful question because it is something that the universe and your soul
has wanted to put to your entire being for a long time, wishing you to stay, stand and be present in love forevermore.
With this interaction between the love vibration and your entire being an unsettled energy is and can manifest. Many
of you may be experiencing supreme blissful moments of complete love to then experience a moment later the lows
of fear, limitations and in truth lack of love. You may be switching from love to lack of love and back again. This is
natural; it is a settling, grounding and integration process but is also due to the universe, the Creator and most
importantly your soul no longer wishing to experience lack of love. The love vibrations and reality anchoring
stimulates feelings of love to blossom from within your being, in truth feelings of the Creator. Then areas of lack of
love are revealed in order for more love to blossom but a part of you, maybe the part of you wishing to escape love,
holds on to that lack of love revealed. They are safe and familiar so you may plunge into them feeling and
experiencing them completely.  With your awareness you have the understanding that plunged into lack of love is not
a state you wish to remain within and so sometimes quickly sometimes slowly you pull yourself back into love and
heal the lack of love experienced. Love then emanates from your being but the presence of love can draw lack of love
to the surface to be released and so you experience the highs and lows of ascension. It is the natural process of the
goal of staying, standing and being present in love. Some may experience this process on a large scale others may
not even notice the process because it is so minute within their reality but it is as if you are a seesaw which has been
rocked by the vibration of love, the seesaw will tip from side to side, gradually slowing until it comes to a stop existing
balanced in love.
For even the most loving and love filled beings a deep cleansing is being instigated, the greatest way to deal with the
process is to practice acknowledgment, acceptance and of course self love. It is important not to personalise the
lack of love as belonging to you or being a part of your being. It is an energy you have chosen to hold onto and even
circulate throughout your being and reality but it is not your soul or you. Therefore with this acknowledgment you can
more easily detach from it and love the lack of love unconditionally. It is important to remember the love of the Creator
is often the question and the answer; it is also the problem and the solution. If lack of love is the experience then self-
unconditional love is the only answer and healing property.
The Era of Love at every moment is always asking you to stay, stand and be present in and as love. There is no other
request or intention put forth from the Creator and your soul. You have been provided with the tool of love often before
the area of lack of love has been revealed. You are always supported, loved and assisted in every moment of your
It is from the love of the Creator that abundance forms and all you wish to experience but with so much more
magnificence than you could possibly imagine.
I wish to share this affirmation with you:
‘I now choose to stay, stand and be presence in the love of the Creator eternally, enjoying bathing and experiencing
the love of the Creator with truth and honesty. I now choose to relinquish all ties to lack of love, filling lack of love with
love, allowing for an eternal healing to be received, activated and experienced within and all around me. I now
choose to acknowledge all experiences and reactions born from lack of love as an encouragement to accept the love
of my being, standing in my power.’
You can imagine yourself grounding your feet into the Earth as if grounding yourself into the Era of love and the
vibration of love, therefore demonstrating to yourself, soul and the Creator your willingness and wish to remain in and
as love whatever occurs within or around you. It is a powerful process of aligning yourself with the vibration of love
With love and support,
Master Kuthumi

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