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Pieces of short transcript answers written for my last chapter of quantum evolution. also this is the beginning of the 21th and last initiation in this work. There are also few sessions that are written in mid of ideas to activate and reach further level of awareness.

Why at times the process of initiation goes so painful?


is it possible to change the need of suffering and learn in ease?

: Yes. This is what the initiation's main purpose to direct the souls learning.

What about common man?

: A higher initiate or common man is no different if ready to accept the learning. Initiates chose this path so are open.

Assistance in learning without the need of suffering..

"Universe please assign me a team of No more suffering guides to receive all learnings without the need of suffering. Please activate this for me, other half, 144 of our soul extensions and all ancestors".

(wait few mins for the activation)..*Quantum assistance session is important before calling any assistance.

Why i attract people who cause trouble?

: Ability to take feedback vs giving feedback, when high attracts people who continuosly offers feedback that might go insensitive from their side as they donot realize its causing pain to you. This is important to understand. 

Feedback is any information(learning) that we continuosly receive or give out to situations or people. Check NLP for better definition.

Assistance for feedback take/give:

"Universe please assign team of guides for taking feedback and giving feedback in great harmony and balance. activate for .........."

Ability to take feedback/give (scale 10):

normal human: 2-3/2-3

Illusioned: 7/2-3

Awakened: 7/7 (works at the heart level)

Reviewing my life condition has gone very worse even with many years of self work and supporting others. how do i improve everything? What else can bring the highest growth in all aspects of life?

: Focus only on the day today work and responsibilities offered to you. This would bring the highest growth in all aspects of life. each day you receive awareness as needed. if you work this out, all the aspects of life will reach wholeness as soon. if you continue to ignore, the lessons goes tougher.

Your personality journey in the spiritual dimension ends here and now the Source's journey in physical begins.

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Comment by V.K. on October 5, 2018 at 9:17am

Thank you. :)

Comment by prakash k vijaya n on October 4, 2018 at 10:19pm

Gratitude brother

Comment by Bernd Zimmermann on October 3, 2018 at 9:49am

Great assignments. Very advisable. I like the No more suffering guides! I have dealt with the different kinds of learning the one which is caused by suffering and the one which comes from source and ones and is higher dimensional which needs no suffering. I definitely prefer the second one :-) and now there is a team available to help with this. Great work Sukhendu

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