Multiple Corrections in Tree of Life and Higher Octave of colors

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Today most of us are completing our 10th initiations and complete activation of Tree of Life. This opens up our ability to experience or channel Elohim attributes from Each Sephiroth. Many of you must have experinced in past month various color visuals that you know are very new energies. Naming them, The Higher Octave of Colors that are invisible or inaccessible to Humans. The major source of them are the Flowers in nature. This new color levels for example Fluorescent Green has 100x higher healing ability than the past techniques we used.
The HUman has finally been evolving to El level now and anchoring the Elohims frequencies in the energy field.
These new colors also give you the ability to reshape restructure and regenerate your body. some of you might also receive the initiations to Forever Youth and Immortal attributes...
These are many sessions programmed with simple names (or most common words used) so that all receive them when they talk on the topic..

To activate the session, call the name and rest. Keep a gap of some hours between each session.

Receiving the Higher Octave of colors call the session name that is marked with "":
1: Fluorescent Red-"Divine Will"
2: Fluo Orange- "Infinite Creativity"
3: Fluo Green- "Universal nurturing"
4: F Blue- "Beauty Body"
5: Pink- "Peace Body"
6: White- "Purity Body"
7: Copper-"Good figure"
8: Gold white- "Grace body"
9: Platinum white- "Unconditional Joy"
10: Gold- "Abundance"

There are many more behavioral sessions too..
1: "Fear"
2:"comparing with others"
3: "Public speaking"
4: "Troubled inside"
5: "Karma"
6: "J seal removal"
7: "Release veil"
8: "Hair regeneration"
9: "Skin regeneration"
10: "Brain regeneration"
11: "Eye regeneration"
12: "Teeth regeneration"
13: "Face regeneration"

14: "Womb healing"

15: "Sexual Healing"

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Comment by Bernd Zimmermann on October 19, 2017 at 6:31am

Thank you.

Comment by Vasiliy Kuznetsov on October 11, 2017 at 5:38am

forgive me, but how to receive initiation?

Comment by Francine Judd on October 10, 2017 at 2:51am

Thank you for sharing

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