Developing the Body Awareness- the inherent Radar system

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If you know the phenomena like downsing, muscle testing, sixthsense, gut feelings, feeling energies, claircognizance or clairvoyance or etheric aromas, then you must be quite aware of all this techniques have one thing in common. The Physical Body play as the instrument of receiving informations (there may be contradictions in the idea of calirs but what i found is the body is much more aware than we can access).

During the last initiation of Universal Conciousness, I found the energy resonance always begins with the physical level first as if the Body already knew all that is to open up.

The checking for the Awareness of physical body, I found that the Body and Cells always had the Inherent Universal Conciousness that I was not able to access. Its through the body you can get many a answers to your own questions.

The Point is, staying aware and trusting your signals. and then confirming them with outer feedback.

The fine line between Faith and Blind-faith is lack of a Healthy Feedback system.

A large part of Frustrations on this plane was due to lack of a proper direction in what to work with and what not, where to go, how to live........

I believe its quite possible to easily access the body signals without dowsing and continue to be aware of all possiblities.

Pun-You cannot win a lottery with this only because the UNIVERSE is always in unknowing of the next thing. Universe can only give you multiple possiblities, not exact outcome. Its the Choice that creates the Next outcome.

How to do it?

Ask your body, "give me way to understand"

...................."what is a Yes".... continue to feel.

...................."what is a No" ....continue to feel.

..................."How much is 0-100"................ (scaling results) this is how sometimes i scale the next possible energy codes.)

If its not working naturally for you then call for an Assistance team to work on you physical body feedback system...

"Universe Please assign me a team of guides to shift my body's feedback system to Universal level"...

This work is created for us to keep on tuning and checking with Health, Current Life status, emotions, light quotients, karmic balances, any relative work required for health, life or ascension. infact for anything...

This same system can be used to scan or read others. But remember, everything you see in others is only reflection, so donot fix unto a point. It can shift any moment. 

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Comment by V.K. on October 5, 2018 at 9:18am

Thank you. :)

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