144 Axiatonal alignment

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144 Axiatonal alignment

Time: April 12, 2017 at 6pm to September 30, 2017 at 7pm
Location: Worldwide
Event Type: alignment
Organized By: Sukhendu Mandal
Latest Activity: Apr 25, 2018

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Taking the session: state 


Its been a tough job finding about the 144000 scalar resonance upgrade. where the information impregnated my ideas, still a not clear. There are some pieces of informations though that i could find out, the 144 number has been used some centuries back in writings about some sacred designs in India like the structure merkaba Shree yantra...
Then many of the spirituals who completed 7 initiations talked about that they are on a mission of helping 144000 people to complete ascension. where the mission of 144000 came to their mind was not very clear with the communications i had with one of the healers here.
some of the books i checked like the book of Dr Joshua David Stone has a clear discription of what the 144 number describes. He explained, each higher self has 12 soul extensions and each monadic level has again 12 extensions of higher self (some of the nomenclature used by him is different from what i read earlier, so do confirm if you wish from the boks you follow). Roughly its like there are 144 of you in this plane that came as parts from 5-7D conciousness. some of you must have evolved while some are yet learning the basic stages of ascensions.

Those who are quite evolved can access all 144 levels to heal and clear. its again a matter of free will for all 144 soul extensions. you can only request them to take part in self healings and ascension initiations.

some of them sure will join for the healings on etheric level.

so healings and evolution for all 144 extentions heals the monadic level on a whole and allow greater integration of light and dispensation of higher freq to the extensions.

It like helping evolve he entire system of Hierarchy...

This might not work in one session, you need to keep aligning all atleast once a year. passing all 7 initiations might take 3-7 years atleast when people are atleast concious of working a bit every day to improve.

I personally couldnt understand the 144000 calculations. so allowed left the concept to open up with time.

so for now, like any other healing or ancestral healing, i tried a axiatonal alignment for all 144 extensions. its a huge amount of energy entering during the work.

working with them is as simple, intend to activate axiatonals for all, request all extensions to take part in session with free will.

Taking the client as prototype access the axiatonals for all extensions.

i created this session for those who wish to access it. this work is accompanied by many levels of clearings for energy and J seals too.

Taking the session: state


and request all extensions to take part. rest for 40mins. repeat once in few months.


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Comment by AMBA on April 12, 2017 at 12:52pm

The biggest challenge on the spiritual path for light workers, is to learn to die to reflect the negative ego and learn to interpret life, just from their pure Christ awareness. There are three levels of integrated spiritual growth that every person on Earth has to overcome in order to truly achieve God realization, spiritual ,psychological and physical / earthly level.

Psychological level of spiritual growth is totally unique level and must be properly overcome. Spiritual practice will not help you achieve psychological mastery. Most of the light workers have much more developed in their spiritual body, but its psychological authority. This often leads to massive corruption of the spiritual body at a later track, if it is not corrected. Psychological level is the foundation of all our spiritual home. The reason for this is, that our thoughts create our reality, therefore, this level of spiritual growth greatly affects the psychological and spiritual / earth level. Psychological level deals with the key basic issues like having our own personal power, self love, a sense of personal values ​​of Christ / Buddha awareness, not thinking of the negative ego / fear based, issues of balance, integration, transcending the lower self desire, proper upbringing of the internal Child, reprogramming the subconscious mind, overcoming the subconscious mind, overcoming the proper integration of our feelings and emotions, developing our inner spiritual higher senses, releasing attachments, and their replacement with preferences, balancing our threefold flame of love, wisdom and power, becoming the cause of our reality, and not a consequence, the balancing of our system of four bodies, balancing and integration of our conscious / subconscious / superconscious mind.

Comment by Sukhendu Mandal on April 12, 2017 at 12:50pm

and yes, something i have been feeling very intuitively from last few days, this completes the puzzle for 144000 upgrade...

humans donot reach beyond 6D... But on complete upgrade of all 144 extentions the next anchoring is of I AM oversoul level to actualize in personality... its partly 7D conciousness for the personality and a very high shift for the mass conciousness too... not sure what it related to Sirian template... what i found was some people channel 7D energy from a blue star which could be sirius B and thats a blue dwarf...
still much is in assumptions...

Comment by Sukhendu Mandal on April 12, 2017 at 12:46pm

wow... i believe i have got the entire series of the books from Dr.Stone. but i missed this information and invocations. what i found was in the Beyond ascension a bit informations. and here it comes all of it!!!
thanks a lot...
The alignment i shared is like choosing one person (client as the metaphoric presentation of all 144 extensions) and working on him on all levels to activate axiatonals for all...
i just anchored the entire program in the words so its easy to run the process by reading it...
i am still waiting for more informations to reveal. it comes through the people who took on the initiations and channel lots of msgs from other aspects of them...

Comment by AMBA on April 12, 2017 at 12:25pm

Dear Sukhendu, please explain little more about this session....i am sure those who did not read Dr Joshua David Stone teachings could not understand much....


A Higher Level in the Ascension Process


This new understanding of the ultimate monadic ascension process that occurs far beyond the achievement of one's seven levels of initiation really forces one in a very positive way to embrace group consciousness. There will be a master or higher-level initiate from each of your twelve oversouls who will have to achieve planetary ascension. Then that master will need to let go of his/her single focus and work for the good of all twelve oversouls and 144 soul extensions. All of a sudden you see how interdependent you are on your entire monadic family. ( dr J oshua David Stone)

Beloved presence of God, my mighty I AM Presence, Melchizedek, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Vywamus and Djwhal Khul, I hereby call forth a divine dispensation from the Karmic Board and that it now be written into the soul records that I wish to be the soul extension and master from my monad to ascend not only for my eleven other soul extensions but for my 144 soul extensions from my monad.


I now hereby request as God and the masters now stand as witness that I hereby take on this mantle of responsibility in service of my greater monadic family if this be God's Will. So let it be written, so let it be done. Amen.


(Say above prayer outloud three times)


My beloved subconscious mind,

I hereby ask and command that you take this thought-form prayer with all the manna and vital force that is needed and necessary to manifest and demonstrate this prayer to the Source of our being through Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya and Melchizedek. Amen.


(Wait 15 seconds, then visualize prayer shooting from your crown chakra like a water fountain up to Mother/Father God)...dr Joshua David Stone


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