Members are invited to contribute spiritual wisdom, teachings, channeled messages, uplifting content, healing sessions, and attunements to this network to bridge Heaven and Earth and unite Humanity as One.

Wound Healer Reiki tends to wounds you experienced in other times and places, and during other incarnations. You are taught how to conduct healing sessions for in-person or distance healing work; for wounds that occurred in other times and places, including their various incarnations or dream states.

Please be sure to have already signed up for Wound Healer Reiki level 1 if you want to receive this attunement. It doesn't matter if you have already received levels 1, 2 or 3 of Usui or other Reiki system.


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  • How do I ask to receive the attunement for the level 2? And do I have to say the affirmation 3 times that was in the first level too?

    Thank you for this new Reiki.

  • Thank you

  • As Chris's Comment, how receive this attunement?

    (self-source; Mariah; AMBA...)

    Thank's for this gift.

  • Thank you so much !!
  • Many thanks for this wonderful gift!

    Love, Light & Blessings,

  • I really enjoy working with this energy! I set my intentions to activate the perfect balance and combinations of Reiki type energies when I say something like "Reiki on!" Do you think this is appropriate after having been attuned to many different Reiki and Seichim energy systems? Or, is it important to use / call for help from one 'type' at a time by specific name? (i.e. Wound Healer, Usui, Crystalline, Full Spectrum, Karuna Ki, Ka Shen Sekhem, Lavender Flame, Green Tara Seichim etc.)
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  • Dear AMBA,


    How is this attunement received? I couldn't find the instructions in the manual. I called it in with my own intent to receive and my own words- "I am ready to receive the _____ level 2 attunement prepared for me by Mariah Windsong" that what we do?



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  • I am Lucky that Mariah and I share our attunes....I am very happy to have booster from you my friend....if ok....I respect you and your work very El*
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