The fact that it rain, together with the fact that we need rain is not due to a coincidence. I know someone may try to explain rain as to be solely an effect of blind, jiggling balls. However, so what? They also say try to figure out what you are by considering an encemble of dead objects in a pointless dance. If they are so wrong that they fail to thus unlock the rich, inner experience of 'I', why should we swear by the labs and computers when they analyze the whizzing balls to 'explain' the rain?

The rain can respond to our needs, it can listen to our prayer and it can punnish us for not imitating this benevolence! We charge people for everything. The rain comes free to everyone! There is no water bill to pay. 'Give' is the way of nature. 'Get' is the way human has adopted as his way!

Rain is accompanied by lightning and at times a rainbow. These are other, highly conscious entities.

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Comment by gi-ANTS on February 21, 2018 at 12:56pm

Before the advent of modern computers, scientists were fond of amusing themselves: 'give me the speeds and the positions of the myriads of copuscles forming the wind at one time, and I will predict the whether at any other time in future'! But then when the supercomputer came, they found that the more they know of those speeds and positions, the bigger they made an error in their prediction!

After scratching heads for a while, they decided once and for all to create an illusion of understanding. The hammered a nail in the vacuum and called it 'chaos'. But when you close exermine, 'chaos' is just another way of saying 'we don't know'.

However, the faith in jiggling balls did not die here! They still think they can predict if 'cats can lay eggs'.

Comment by gi-ANTS on February 21, 2018 at 12:41pm

Coincidence is a noun reified from the verb 'coincide', which mean to happen at the same time, or to be at the same place. However, the question is often 'why are the events happening at the same time?'. In other words, the question is 'why is there such a coincidence?' The answer 'it is a coincidence' is a round about way of saying 'events are happening at the same time because of them happening at the same time'!

'coincidence' is not an answer of any question. It is a question! It is a kick back card that is hiding in the sleeve to be released when cornered!

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