The Galactic Federation of Light for Dummies: The "Galactic Concept of *Soon*" (07/01/2012)

This is the first video on the topic of the so called "Galactic Federation of Light". Its purpose it to give its fans clues to why an increasing number of posters have been voicing their concerns on their comment pages. A good many of us have been conducting extensive research on the flurry of messages churned out by its channelers since as early as 1996 -we're talking about several thousands updates actually read from start to finish-.

For the time being, our videos will abstain from analyzing the material produced by the GFL. What we would recommend to those supportive of its channelers is to simply watch what we have picked out, which is an infinitesimal portion of what rises red flags for us. Then, they might want to look up the whole documents they were excerpted from. Why? Because checking sources is a great habit to take for one's intellectual health. Then read a maximum of these updates chronologically and pay attention to the patterns, what failed to materialize, or info conflicting what we're now being told... like it appeared in the quotes hand-picked in the video.

One arguments often thrown at us by GFL followers is we react out of "Fear". To this, we could reply "what would we have to fear exactly?" Should the GFL's predictions at last come true, we wouldn't have trouble readjusting to the new environment. On the other hand, if the GFL were to fizzle, all those who had put complete faith in them would not only realize they've been living a lie, possibly squandering years of their life which could have been put to better use than dreaming about an ever-elusive Utopia... they also would see their core belief shattered with no cues where to go next.

If Greg Gilles is reading these lines, he's probably already thinking up his next update that will expound to his flock we're either "dark agents" or spiritually confused souls hell-bent on instilling fear in their mind... Let's spare him the hassle so he can enjoy a little break after his week's roll.

A quick analogy would be to point fingers at someone doing a road safety class because he brings up car accident stats. The purpose isn't to scare or discourage from driving but to encourage caution... In the GFL's case, that would translate into having a plan b at hand in case they turn out not to be what they're crack to be.

All the sources mentioned in the video have long been removed from the PAO website archive. They can however be retrieved at via

Happy digging...

Note: "for dummies" is in reference to the educational book series

ps: if you're part of the GFL network and have any problem with our stance, please do post your comments. It was really nice exchanging with you this week.

Posted with permission of author. (JCC)

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Comment by Davide Orsini on July 2, 2012 at 5:58am

Hi, as Leo has said before there are researchers going through channel information and here is the first of many pieces of information that you should be aware of. See what you think of it, use it only to make good people who trust these people be aware of what they are really saying. We should not attack but we must ask questions, that is our right. You may view this on you tube. PS there are good honest guides, this is not aimed at them.

Comment by A. Mahachandra on July 2, 2012 at 6:23am

Yes I am not at all surprised this is only the tip of a very big iceberg, But I am happy if it helps people be more aware and careful of what they are believing. The author has done a good job and I did see this on you tube. This will make it easier also for the real guides and honest people to shine like a candle in a dark room.

Comment by Kay Chong Tay on July 2, 2012 at 7:27am

Hello I lost comment, anyway from Sing team thank you for showing us not all the westerners are crazy, the work this person is doing is true, we know and can READ but no one can believe. I am your good friend but what I say anyone can find. I support of course.

Comment by Leo on July 2, 2012 at 6:53pm

Yes, I must admit I found it tough enough to wade through all this stuff from 2007, I felt quite sick at times when I saw the patterns and structure and I am covering a few of these folks, I think had I researched all this time back, I would have ascended but for the wrong reasons. I feel happier when I know people are thinking and assessing. That gives me hope, it is hope these folks are working to dash. Wittingly or through great ignorance and ego.

Comment by A. Mahachandra on July 2, 2012 at 10:10pm

Don't be sick, just carry on, we will all be sick sometime or another, no hurry :)

Comment by Maya D' Auspicio on July 3, 2012 at 1:20am

Thanks to the author who makes us feel we are OK after all.


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