People used to define 'science' as 'the study of the world perceptible through common sense'. This definition is simplistic if not downright näive. Scientifically, one can study the imperceptible world if that world can interact with the perceptible world. The spiritual world is defined by their advocates to be just one such a world! Therefore a claim that there is no science of the spirit is unnecesary contradiction. One should stop at saying that such science isn't well understood yet.

I will elaborate on the physics of something unseen. But this page isn't enough. I will proceed in the 'comments' section.

A visible object is an object whose constituent particles can interact with our electromagnetism. This is because every object, being almost empty, interacts with other objects not by them hitting the 'hard' matter but by electromagnetic attractions an repulsions in the 'empty spaces' in between particles.

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Comment by gi-ANTS on April 11, 2018 at 9:09am

So then be sure you get it well. Let me summarise it this way:
1.)what causes all of object's properties, including 'hardness' 'solidity', visibility etc is the electromagnetic forces in between the particles. So an object that does not interact with our EM doesn't exibit these properties.
2.)The electromagnetic forces are caused by radiations emanating from the particles. So an object that doesn't interact with our electromagnetism might be simply that which is transparent to our rays.
3.)There is a mechanism through which mediums can be transparent to rays of a certain frequency ranges by opaque to rays of other frequency ranges.

So I might say that all our rays are special set of harmonic frequencies that are interger multiples of a certain fundamental frequency, possible the frequency equal to the reciprocal of Planck's Time.

Comment by gi-ANTS on April 11, 2018 at 8:02am

A petinent question is that is it possible that an object which does not interact with our electromagnetic field has its own type of electromagnetism? Well, this is the jist of the matter. A collection of such objects can form a world on their own. Astral worlds or other so called 'planes of reality' can be explained this way.

To appreciate the possibility of this scenario, lets close exermine electromagnetism. Consider infra red (IR), an electromagnetic wave. To IR, a plastic is transparent while a glass is opaque! But for a thing to be transparent to a certain ray, the ray must not interact with the medium. So a glass does not interact with electromagnetism of a certain frequency range (visible spectrum) but it interacts with EM of another range (IR range). So this scenario, which we know for sure that it exists, already exellently exemplifies how different types of electromagnetisms can be!

Remember that electromagnetic interactions (like those of magnet) is via photonic interactions, which are EM wave

Comment by gi-ANTS on April 11, 2018 at 7:29am

If an object's constituent particles did not have an electromagnetic field around them, then another object trying to hit it would not encounter repulsive forces in between particles. Therefore that other object would penetrate through the object as if the object doesn't exist! This is because every object is 99.9999% empty!

If an object's particle don't interact with our electromagnetic field, then it will not be electromagneticaly charged. Therefore it will not interact with our light. Therefore it will be 99.9999% or so transparent. Therefore it will be entirely invisible to our ordinary eyes.

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