From Peter Melkizedeck :

A little while ago I asked myself this question.

Do we actually have Higher Consent to influence the consciousness of humanity by what we have proposed with the re writing and reprogramming of Humanity’s Core Blueprint and DNA encodements?

The answer came to me via a communique that I was blessed to be a part of, through a dear and loving Brother of mine.  Here is what was shared:-

It is only because you have all "given away" your selfishness to Serve the Light and achieved the Sacred Circle Consciousness, that this question is even being considered. Creating or altering the etheric blueprint, of a race is the Work of Gods. And yet, the precedent of the few who have opened and allowed their centres to recombine with God, has been established, gracefully.  Yes, that is such an important attribute, Grace, in this core adaptation.  There can be no force or sweeping coercion; else We The Elohim would have fixed this eons ago and thus this Whole Evolutionary Experiment would have been negated.  Ethical co-creation and evolutionary development is achieved by presenting sufficient knowledge and examples that others may choose to follow, of their own free will.  Thus the concept of a single core Flower of Life Blueprint, can only be done as an inspiring example.

 As with the few individuals, who have already chosen to recombine or now fuse their Single Core Essence once again, so it is for the whole of humanity to have the opportunity to choose this for themselves.  Establishing a Single Core Blueprint at the etheric level cannot become an instant restructuring.  Instead it can be used to Over Light and to inspire at the level of subtlety which reaches all humanity at the sub-conscious level.

 And So It IS!

 I AM Shekinah

Today we are working with the Over Lighting Attributes of the Christed Consciousness that is without question touching humanity from deep within their subconscious through their cellular selves.  These Higher thoughts are now beginning to filter through the minds, bodies and Souls of mankind and in so doing, many are now seeking to know more.  They are becoming more spiritually alive.  Their lives are changing and now they are beginning to open themselves to Higher Truth and how to implement these Truths into their lives.  I have been on my path spiritually aware for nearly 30+ years now, and I am continually seeking the Higher Truth for and of myself.  There is no doubt that as the energies of the Earth intensify so does this allow and make way for Higher Knowledge and the abilities to connect with Higher Vibrational Beings of Light.  Truth is no less evolutionary than for those within Evolution Itself!

God Bless You I Am


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