The now iconically 'Collapse Of Wavefunction' provides the phyc/metaphyc platform for the panconnectedness which I argue that it is practically equivalent to omnipresence. But the major explanation must hing on how such connectedness isn't circumscribed to the microscopic world. The explanation in turn hings on some coherence.

Coherence happens when all of particles constituting a whole work in a synchronized manner. A macroscopic object in motion has some coherence in that all of its constituent particles are moving with the whole. In this instance, the coherence left is what manifest as classic phyc rules, the quantum world having decohered.

It is my contentment that the rarity of psychic phenomena is explained the same way we do the rarity of quantum effects in classic world. Moreover, it is the psychic phenomena that underpins the quantum 'weirdness! The psychic world decohers in a similar manner. When 'magic' isn't much guided by a mind, what we have is a world like this.

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Comment by gi-ANTS on March 23, 2018 at 2:38am

So then why don't we use this ability to teleport an object from a room on earth all the way to a room andromeda?

If you are asking this, then welcome to the beautifull interface between the classic and the quantum world!

First of all let me show you that indead, we can, in principle, teleport quantum particles. Suppos we observed the particle and found it here. QM tells us that when we close our eyes, it is possible that the particle will return to its earlier state where it can be in andromeda. So if we again open our eyes and then found no particle, the particle is now in andromeda! So by just closing the eye and opening it (i.e in a twinkle of an eye), the particle can be whisked all the way to andromeda!

What makes it hard to send a macroscopic particle this way is that it isn't a guarantee that the microscopic particle gets to andromeda, or to anywhere we want for that matter. When myriads of them get together, those that would go to one direction are canceled by those that would go to the other.

Comment by gi-ANTS on March 23, 2018 at 2:02am


Consider a particle that might be in one room or the other. One such a room can be very far, even in andromeda!! The quantum phyc teaches us that before one such a room is 'observed', there is always a possibility that the particle is here or is in a room in andromeda. However, when we observe a room here and then find the particle here, there instantly remain no more possibility of finding the particle in andromeda!

This is the truely 'weird' thing about quantum mechanics! It means that something must be instantly happening in andromeda, who cause is a measurement performed on earth! This mysterious event in a room in andromeda is the unspecified act that begun to quickly remove the possibility of finding the particle in the room following an observation made on earth!

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