'Random' is the cousin of 'coincidence'. If 'random' is the bread, then 'coincidence' is the butter. Both are invorked to explain everything and to understand nothing. They are scientific 'abrakadabras'.

When someone say 'pick up the oranges at random' he insinuate that there isn't any rule that ought to determine what orange you pick and what orange you leave. But then scientists also swear that the world is strictly due to some laws and initial/boundary conditions! So they latter deny on your face that the world is indead random-having explained everything using 'random'!

So 'random' is just a fancy way of saying 'we don't know'. It is an some ignorance hiding in the envelope of knowledge. It gotta be stated 'nature is bewilderingly complex and so we just don't know the causes in question'

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Comment by gi-ANTS on April 1, 2018 at 12:39pm

And this is always how we deal with 'random'. We decide what the probability was after the aleged 'random' event, not before. If you toss a coing and got the heads, then the probability of it showing the head was exactly 100% and not 50% like many think. It is only that you didn't know. The 50-50 is a state of the (ignorant) mind and not of actual event.

And this is the problem with 'probability'. It describes our ignorance rather than the reality! Same applies to 'random'. When we call a lack of knowledge 'random', it apear as if we know something, i.e 'it happened due to a thing termed randomness'

Q: Hey Horse, so why did it rain today?
A:I guess it was random.:)

Comment by gi-ANTS on April 1, 2018 at 12:04pm

In what way is the famous Christian argument that evolution due to random mutation violets the second law of thermodynamics valid? Well, it is a perfectly valid argument, even after a monstrous amount of pseudo-debunkings!

All the debunkings are infact strawmen arguments! They replace it with the claim that 'naturalistic evolution from chaos to order violets the second law'.

So they say that the solar system is not a closed thermodynamics system. This is true. However, according to statistical mechanics, this imply that whatever is happening in the solar system cannot be random!! Randomness only happens at thermodynamic equilibrium. So ironically, it is evolutionists who doesn't understand statistic mechanics!

'random mutation' mean 'all manner of mutations are equaly likely'. This is BS! The whatever that happened was the only possible at that moment! So somthn clever caused it!

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