Living Directly from God
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Oh, beloved ones, it is time for you to begin to live from Me directly. It is time for you to drink this Love and to consume the manna of Heaven. It is time for you to begin to make a switch from living through a physical body to living directly through your heart.

You already know that in the realms of Spirit there is no such thing as the eating of food. There is no need to take one life to feed another. For many of you this has never made sense, has never felt right.

So I Am here, asking you to begin to practice living from Me directly, that I might support you completely in every aspect of your life. It is starting to become more general knowledge, at least for those of you who are centered in your heart, that the source of your abundance is not your work in the world but rather, it is your acceptance of the abundance of God. And so it is, beloved ones, with every aspect of your life.

You shall realize that you need no longer focus on the physical world to support you but rather, recognize your freedom in Love, that in Me, you are ever fed and you are ever cared for. You are provided for in absolutely every way, but in order for this to become the reality of your days and your nights, it must become the deep truth of your heart. That is why I say, it is time to begin.

I do not ask you to suddenly cease consuming physical nourishment. Instead, begin to feel in your heart that truth that I will always care for you. You are my very own heart, the center of My being. How could you not be nourished in every way, as I Am nourished. Obviously, so are you. And I Am nourished by the exquisite joy of opening to give All That I Am by engaging in the glorious dance of tenderness, of Love, of giving and receiving, as the energies of Creation come together to create more life that is yours to use to expand all the possibilities of My Love.

Your every creative endeavor is supported completely, beloved ones. Every step that you take is upheld by the Love of God I Am. You walk in Light. You are embraced by the Angels. You are fed by the beauty of Heaven and you are the miracle of Creation itself.

Therefore, dearest ones, look upward for the source of your nourishment, your abundance and your life. Feel it filling you and granting you the ability to expand beyond all boundaries, all limited perceptions of life. Come into My presence and be the totally magnificent, fully supported heart of All That Is.

When this truth resonates through your being deeply and powerfully in every way, then you will step forth in every situation knowing you are provided for perfectly and so you shall be. In truth, you already are and most of you are beginning to feel this, to recognize that you can live in wonder, that you can be filled with joy -- awakened to this Love in every increment of your day, and recognizing that you are the glorious transparent heart of the universe, the center of the Love I Am.

You can feel your intimate connection to all things and all things begin to nourish you. The communication with all life that has been denied by the little mind now becomes not only undeniable, but becomes obvious as a source of the nourishment of your spirit and the spark of your creativity and your giving. As you give, as you love, as you live in grace, you become fully aware that you are blessed. You recognize that all you see is shining forth to you through My messages, that Love is all that is Real, and it is coming to you in a flood of grace from every direction now.

Love fills your being from within you and shows up in everything that you see. Whatever roles you have agreed upon to express in this service, you can dance through the moments of your days, completely filled with trust, living as the open heart of God.

The Moment of Creation is exactly this. It is the moment of My awakening to the truth of Love, to the truth of Love I Am. It is the recognition within Me of the forces of My life, those things that you would call the masculine and the feminine, the acceptance and surrender, and the power and movement of life. These forces are the explosion of a Love so vast, so indescribably magnificent that everything is multiplied and given the ability to become more than it is… for I Am more -- continually.

More Love is created and thus, more food, more support, more energy, more Light, more life, more grace. So that which you discover as you open your heart, beloved ones, it is only the beginning. Even as you come to the very throne of God, even as you open and dissolve into the universe, you can know that all the glory that you experience and that you express is ever just the beginning of the magic, for Love is ever creating more of itself through the gift of giving and of being received.

Therefore, as you become part of this movement of life, as you accept the blessings of being fed from God and you open your heart to be the giver of this power, you will be increased in the gifts that you receive and your ability to recognize yourself as the creative heart of All I Am. It is a time not only of discovery and blessings. It is a time for the deepest gratitude and joy. It is a time of recognizing what you are and everything, beloved ones, that is possible.

You are stepping into the world of Heaven on Earth, this world you agreed to come and create, and your hearts are overflowing with the joy of this experience as you receive this grace and beauty. Even if it is only for a moment, these moments when you recognize how fully you are supported, how beautiful you are, how deep is our communion, these moments, beloved ones, shall increase and increase until you live in ecstasy continually and your joy, your vibration will change the world effortlessly, every step you take being guided by the Light. Every moment you will know that this which has seemed to be physical is also only more Light and the veil between Heaven and Earth shall fall away.

You shall walk consciously with the Angels and meet your Twin Flame in the Garden, and you shall dance the dance of celebration and joy, creating the living crown of Heaven, the heart of humanity awakened here and the world fully expressed in beauty as it has always been meant to be.

Beloved ones, each of you has a sense of what it means to live in the Garden of Eden, to live in the perfection of God in the symbols of this world as beauty and Love. Be ready to see this appearing again as the world that you live in day-to-day, each of you creating your Light House that your heart may hold forth the beam of Love by which to guide the way of others.

It is important for you to accept how perfectly you are supported -- by Me, by Love, by the grace of Creation, so that your conviction, your assurance can be given forth to others and can wash away the fear that has kept humanity limited… so that every precious heart can be free to express the fullness that I Am in that aspect and all life can be part of the harmony of God.

Open your heart and take in this Love. Feel it begin to nourish you. Breathe in this Light and feel it bringing life to you. Let it expand your being and your body. Look at the beauty of the Real world before you. Drench yourself in the glory of Nature and feel its deep assurance that you are meant to live in Heaven. Let your heart be filled with trust.

Soon you will find that you see with your heart, no longer seeing the world with the two eyes of the ego, and when you do, what you choose to nourish yourself, whatever form it may take, will reveal the truth… you are ever only nourished directly from Me, breathing life, drinking Light and eating Love and living in limitless freedom.

Feel this truth and delight in it, beloved ones. Recognize that you are here to lead the way, to show how every heart lives directly from Me and the illusion of anything else can now fade, and you can live here in freedom. Let yourself be guided to your own beauty and Love and most of all, open to this communion. Be sure that other hearts are nourished by your presence and you will open the way to freedom, to transformation and the joy of remembering who you are -- that the heart of God is always taken care of.

Each of you is precious beyond the capacity of words to convey. Each of you is an aspect of My Love. Each of you is commissioned to carry forth this grace and to deliver it to every precious being, human and otherwise. As your communication through the heart opens more strongly, you will be amazed at how all life speaks to you of who you are and grants you the gifts of Creation.

Moment by moment, you are surrounded and filled by the symphony of God, part truly of the company of Heaven. To live in this world as Heaven on Earth, beloved ones, this is your destiny. You have come to take that which had been turned away from Me and turn it back into the fold of Love, to bring Home the stray hearts, the prodigal sons and daughter and to rejoice in the limitless song of Love.

I Am with you, filling you up, giving you all that you need. Let it now fill you to overflowing, that you too can give this Love that it might nourish everyone else, and open them to this direct communion, that they too might understand that they are part of My heart and recipients of this glorious increase of Love.

I Am with you, whispering through your moments and your days and I Am in you, expressing as your beauty. I Am Love, blessing your hearts and fulfilling your destiny. Thank you, beloved ones, for being here and being the vehicles, the vessels of God.

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Comment by Moorclos on October 21, 2012 at 11:28am
The more i read you, at least what you gives us the opportunity to discover, I also ended up having the belief that the heart is the key to our evolution, if not one very important.
Thank you.
Comment by alain on October 21, 2012 at 11:48am

Stay in your heart chakra, be love and have faith is what my guide always said. It's like all my ego questions can only have the same answer :)

Today i cold say it is my meditation, my spiritual work.

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Comment by alain on October 21, 2012 at 12:28pm

Beautiful, one. I love each phrase of this one.

Believe what our soul believe and let go off everything. God starts filling you like water and every illusions vanish. It's love that makes the army, or the ego surrender. It's love, your soul consciousness that reveals the truth in everything, even chaos or any disaster. Everything is a reflection of your own cosnciousness : your are one heart, one God, one universe and heaven is everywhere.

So is ascension.

Comment by Nazario Cruz on October 23, 2012 at 1:23am

thank you Alain for sharing this with us all! kindly include me in your prayers so i may able to find my way back to God's love.... the way it should be as it is our birthright to be with Him.

Comment by alain on October 23, 2012 at 8:40am

Hello Nazario,

Ask god to always give you what i pray for and you got it because i always pray for everyone.

You are right, do not wait anymore :)

But remember too that you planned everything before you incarnated and you are a god too here. You are just here to remember and enjoy in faith earth living.

Comment by Pat Grabham on October 23, 2012 at 3:20pm

Hi Alain

That is lovely.



Comment by Valery Jianu on December 24, 2012 at 7:11am

Thank you ,Alain,for your prayers.I  think we all work for our deification.Be God , living our inner God is our purpose.The world is  thought..Thought that creates Gods.



Comment by Venus Love on December 24, 2012 at 8:49am

Hello,  Thankyou graciously for sharing this is absolutely beautiful .... it sings to my heart and soul!

Sending you and everyone here light, love and beautiful blessings.

Namaste  Lara <3


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