Life after life is intuitively appealing as such beleif and/or experiences are found in practically all cultures. However, this has nothing to do with love for life nor fear of death. It has something to do with the relationship between consciousness, the concept of time the concept of eternity and conceptualization itself.

Whenever we talk of an event that is to happen during some time in the future, we generaly take it for granted how we can understand the concept. However, it is actually not that trivial. Like in all of our conception, we rely on our prio experience of something closely similar. So we understand the claim that a football match will happen tommorrow because someone (perharps our moms) have ever used 'tommorrow' that way. However, we understood the 'tommorrow' here to mean that in the day after 'tommorrow', we will be aware of some moment termed 'yesterday' whence the football match happened. This conception of actuality of events is inconsistent as applied to the concept of own's death!

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Comment by gi-ANTS on May 4, 2018 at 11:15pm

Let me still put it this way:
1.)An actual event must last for a finit duration. Otherwise an eternal event of the future will never ever be said to have actualy happened.
2.)During death (understood as a ceasazion of own's experience) there is no any duration from own's perspective.
3.)So an eternal ceazation of owns experience will never, ever be said to have already happened and yet no matter how long a ceazation last, it will never appear as any duration, as viewed from own's perspective.
3.)No matter how long a duration last, when the experience recomes, it becomes like a zero duration and we can then say the state actualy happened, albeit we weren't aware of it. So the actuality of a looong duration is actualized just at the moment of death.
4.)Ergo for experiences to never ever happen again, the whole of eternity must be actualized at the moment of death. This is impossible!

Comment by gi-ANTS on May 3, 2018 at 12:21pm

We conceptualize the actuality of any event by imagining a time when it can be said for sure, that the event happened. The actuality of a state that last for eternity then isn't conceivable. We can only conceive of future eternity as to be incesant unfolding of events but not as a duration that will ever actually happen.

From own's conscious point of view, a death without an afterlife, however, is a claim of an actual event that must come to happen just at the moment of the supposed own's death! This is because during the death, no experience is supposed to happen. Therefore the lack of experience must come to an actuality at the moment of own's death. However, this actuality is supposed to be eternal, hence we have a contradiction!

The only resolution is that death cannot be an end of own's own experience! There will always be experiences and a lack thereof so that there will never be an actual eternity of any sort!

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