'Interdimensional Circuit' Completion

For energy or any other substance to flow from the unseen to the seen, a certain 'circuit' must be complete. When we understand this, there are some advantages. One is that we address some problems pertaining to the interaction between the seen and the unseen such as the so called 'interaction problems of the soul'.

A 'law' of flux along a complete circuit states: At every region of the circuit, along which substances flow, the total amount of substances comming towards that region must be equal to the total amount of substances going away from that region. (find, for instance 'Kirchof's law'). So the substances actualy must swap rather than simply move away or move in. If the substances in question as those moving to the unseen and comming from there, the flux will not be noticable by merely measuring the amount of the seen matter. Apparently, there will be a 'law of conservation of substance', be it matter, energy, charges, momentum, information etc.

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Comment by gi-ANTS on May 16, 2018 at 6:56am

Thanks a lot, Sky. I am glad that you liked.:)

Comment by Sky on May 15, 2018 at 4:11pm

...Very Good Roars....I Like.....x...

Comment by gi-ANTS on May 10, 2018 at 1:48am

The 'Spirit' when thus attracted, changes its state and becomes the fermions of our type, so it leaves unocupied quantum state in the spirit world enabling the gone matter to actualy go there, making a swap. So you can see that indead, Pauli Exclusion Principle makes 'interdimensional circuit' possible!


This problem is tackled this way: realize that the idea of a soul existing independent of matter out there in a 'spirit world' isint the essential property of 'soul'. An essential property of 'soul' is the ability to carry consciousness away from the body so it doesn't die with the body. So the soul, when 'in the body', it can be the body itself!! So there is no interaction issue!

Comment by gi-ANTS on May 10, 2018 at 1:19am

Now, in the usual word, we understand the must that circuit be complete for substances to flow by, amongst other things, noticing that two substances cannot fill the same space. But Pauli's Exclusion Principle teaches us that this behavior is a special case of 'two fermions not ocupying the same quantum state'. This is the point!

In phyc, we can then understand 'spirit' as simply a substance that is not a fermion similar to any fermion that makes up ordinary matter. The 'zero point' of our space is already full of a certain types of fermions. (in other words we are 'floating' in a 'Dirac sea'). So to creat a 'hole' in the Dirac Sea, the fermions of our seen world must enter into a quantum state that belong to the unseen world. Such a 'hole' attracts the spirit.

Comment by gi-ANTS on May 10, 2018 at 1:02am

What we perceive as matter then must be seen as a node into which substances 'steps down' from the 'immaterial' to the 'material' world. The so called 'interaction problem of the soul', which convinces many that there is no 'soul' or 'spirit world' for that matter, has a very beautifull solution.

Instead of thinking of spirit and matter as to be different stuffs, think of them as merely different states of the same substance (like different phases of matter). But in my theory, the 'states' in question is what I may term it as the 'fermionicity' or 'bosonicity' of the substance. Then somewhere, I will invork the wonderfull Pauli Exclusion Principle.

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