JESHUA (Jesus): The Matrix of Love
For Each Being in the New World

Dearest Friends, you with whom I travel through the movement of eternity: there is a new matrix of Love and Light that is now available, upon which to build the expression of humankind as the heart of God in a world of Love.

This matrix is accessed only through the heart. It is essentially invisible to the mind, but it is very clear, very active and very powerful for those whose hearts are open and available to embrace the energies of Love. This matrix of Love is to give you a boost, to make it easier to shift to the heart…to give you the architecture of living Light upon which to build your bodies and your world as expressions of pure Light and Love.

This matrix of Light is the pattern of Christ. It is the pure expression of the heart of God in movement, in delight and in constant celebration. Every electron is imbibing the glorious life of God and extending from the Real of Love into the world absolutely unimpeded, and easily blending the two.

This matrix of Love is the pattern of the New World human being. It is the ladder to Heaven, so to speak. It is what gives you the ability to shift up your resonance from being physical to the experience of living elements of endless Light, of perfect Love.

It is this that we activate now in those who request Heart Activation and it brings into your awareness something powerful that continually reminds you that you are of God essence. You can feel the attunement to life and to living Love.

This matrix, this pattern of perfection expressed in the symbols of a life as a “human being” is now extended to every person. Every person can make the choice to turn away from the old world of duality and to feel divine Love made manifest as the life and the world. This comes to you often as the feeling of vibrating Love. It comes to you as an awareness of the resonance of God and it opens up your ability to allow yourself to be made manifest as this life in the body instant by instant -- free of basing your experience on the perception of time and the ego mind’s story.

The shift to this matrix of Love does disengage beings caught in the consensual dream of time, being entangled with all the lines of human perception. From this freedom comes that which you would call “healing,” the opportunity to embrace a new expression of life, of being, of “reality” that is very exciting.

Thus, as you open and activate your heart, you are activating this brand new pattern, this architecture of pure, ever-moving living Love that it might be your experience of living in the world and of holding the consciousness of God in your every moment.

This pattern stretches easily beyond the realm of mind. It extends across that change that you call “death.” It opens up the ability to be awake to the whole and to embrace the fullness of the heart as the feeling of ecstasy and endless joy.

It also contains the true identity that is the interwoven energies of Love created as one heart and ever and always available as the conduit for the extension of Love, this heart that you know as Twin Flames. Because the demarcations of the “little mind’s reality” are superseded by this reality of Love, relationships will be changing in ways that are surprising. It will be just as Real to experience Twin Flame Love interacting with life on Earth across the arc of expression that you would name the spiritual world.

There will come a time in the not distant future where those who are alive in the spirit, beings such as myself, will be just as visible and as Real to each of you whose hearts are open as anyone standing before you in a body. This will occur to the point where new language must be created to express these unions of Real Love and to take advantage of their service for the world.

Again, this is only accessed through the heart so if one goes looking for his/her partner in eternity with the little mind and through its urgings, it will not be found -- not at the level of Real communion that Twin Flames are.

The pattern of perfection already exists in the archetype that you call the Garden of Eden before “the Fall.” Pure Love was fully expressed, although “was” isn’t actually the appropriate word because this pattern of Light and life and Love is still pulsing forth into the world right now making available to every person the awareness of who they are, of what they are as the magnificent heart of God. This attunement is now connected, resonating with the matrix of Love expressed that is emerging as the pattern or the architecture of the New World.

Why go to all this trouble when all of this is consciousness? Wouldn’t it be simpler for everyone to just awake?

It is important for this pattern to be available so that everyone has a vehicle for making the choices for the heart and bringing them into the symbols of the world -- until the heart is open fully and the pure communion with God is enough, and the experience of life and its interactions and joys is experienced completely through the heart.

Until such time it is important to have a way to bridge the disparity in vibrational realities of humankind and this is what those of us who serve humankind are doing – creating doorways to the heart and ladders to the divine.

So, as your hearts are activated, turned on, dear friends, this pattern, this matrix will call to you undeniably. If you hold it in your awareness and feel its resonance, every choice for life will be easier and more easily brought into expression in the world, in the symbols of your life, of your body and of the flow of your energy.

I Am ever walking with you, helping you, attuning you to Love and joy, giving you as many answers as you are open to receive -- and blazing in joy into your reality to give you messages and to attune you to God, that you might celebrate this shift occurring and the world expressed as Love only.


H E A R T      A C T I V A T I O N

A Service from Circle of Light Spiritual Center

The Messages from God at Circle of Light tell us that the Love pouring onto the Earth is now increasing exponentially, flooding hearts at this time of the Shift to the Heart. We at Circle of Light have been directed to offer Heart Activation for anyone who desires to expand the opening of his/her heart more fully to receive this increasing influx of Love.

Heart Activation is free. There is no monetary charge. To receive Heart Activation, we request you email us at with your name, email and your permission to receive Heart Activation. Please also write a few sentences about your desire for this service. We also ask for a simple exchange, a commitment to share this information with a minimum of five people. Your exchange completes the circle of giving. You can use your Facebook Friends, email lists, forums or other internet connecting links or sources to extend this Heart Activation for us. You are also welcome to donate money to Circle of Light in gratitude for the Heart Activation. It will be put to excellent use, we assure you. Use the Donation form at the bottom of, Home page.

Please attach a picture of yourself.

What does Heart Activation do? Heart Activation awakens the divine spark that exists in the heart center of each of us by breaking through sometimes invisible blocks created by the mind, what God's Messages have called "false heart's beliefs." Heart Activation leads a heart to the power and intimacy of pure communion with the Love that is God, our Creator. It reminds us that we are the Love of God extended into the world as each of us, the Creator's active heart in outreach.

The ego mind is ever attempting to explain the world and to explain the spiritual path or awakening. It is not explainable in any way. It is, instead, an activation of that which is already alive within you, that which is already fully functioning. Each heart is as the heart of God. Nothing we have ever experienced in Earth life has changed that and it cannot. The communion of the Beloved and His/Her heart is eternal, everywhere present and totally acknowledged in every electron of life that is present in the whole of God. There has merely been amnesia, a forgetting among humanity that we are the heart of God and only Love. There has been a placing of our attention elsewhere. Heart Activation accelerates the return of our focus to who we truly are.

Yael Powell is the conduit, the heart that has been prepared through 35 years of mystical communion to be the deliverer of this Heart Activation. She has been directed to work intimately with Jeshua (Jesus) in this process. Jeshua, with other Beings of Light, using Yael's heart as a conduit, "ignites the spark in the heart center into a living flame of divine acknowledgement and worship. A heart that has been ignited to the truth of what lives within it truly is the magnetic presence of God. It is the power of Creation to open the way through illusion that Love might be perceived on every level in which you live and perceived easily."

Who should request Heart Activation? Anyone and everyone! Heart Activation does not require that the person be physically present with Yael or even present by telephone. The Activation is done through her connection with Spirit during meditation. All that is required is your sincere written request. We do not know and therefore will not be notifying you of the exact moment when the Heart Activation will take place but we would be delighted to hear your impressions of any changes in your life that are forthcoming.

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Circle of Light 3969 Mundell Road Eureka Springs, AR 72631

Our address: 3969 Mundell Road
Eureka Springs, Arkansas 72631

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Comment by Indra on January 13, 2012 at 12:10pm

I received this gift some time ago and it REALLY changed my life. :)

Comment by alain on January 13, 2012 at 12:15pm

Indra, how long ago ? What  did you feel ?

They said "Jesus will actiavte your heart, but we can't know when".

I felt a small activation as soon as i emailed them with my personnal request (before they could read it !). Then, a few hours later, i felt as if my heart was a beautiful heavenly flower so big shining like the sun.

And it was the 24 december evening ! when we were all about to gather to celebrate.

Did you too ?

Comment by Indra on January 13, 2012 at 12:43pm

Dear Alain,  Time is flying past, I do not remember the exact date. Some time in the Autumn.  My experience was very similar.  Since then it has been very easy to continue to refer to and "live' in the Heart.  Words fail me completely to describe what I truly feel. It is like the Sun Shining; warm, constant and very friendly.  Clouds of my little mind float by and obscure the rays of this feeling.  But not for long.  My hope in this life is to continue to expand this connection and awareness.  I pray to listen continually to the sublime tone of Christ lovelight.  Time spent not listening seems humorous and nothing to be upset about.  However I find it easier day by day to live in this snug Joy that seems to always put a smile on my face.  The drama of pain and separation being lived around me seems OK.  Like a tree with no leaves in winter.  Yes I would love to see everyone happy and content...but if is beautiful somehow...pain is not a is a door to walk through.  I certainly have not perfected this action of non-action.  I am grateful to say I have seen a glimpse of what is possible.  Awakening to the possibility of acceptance of what is and the Joy really exciting in a way that makes time seem like the blessing it truly is...the space to be able to communicate with you for instance :)  Much Lovelight to you my Brother!

Comment by Marie on January 14, 2012 at 4:58am

Thank you to share this with us

I'm looking forward to get this activation as well ♥♥♥

Namaste - Love - Light

Comment by alain on February 14, 2012 at 12:10pm

get this also :

And they told me that each of their messages of the news letter are attunements of god as well.

Comment by Nazario Cruz on October 23, 2012 at 9:45pm

thank you Alain for sharing this with us. i am looking forward to get this activation as well. much love and light to you...

Comment by Amy Hallock on December 21, 2012 at 3:40pm

Thank you, Alain, for sharing this!  I have sent off my email and am looking forward to feeling the love and seeing how it will affect my life.

Comment by jenny farrell on December 22, 2012 at 8:54am

Thank you Alain for this,I am excited to be recieving this!!

love and Light blessings



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