For spiritual experience to happen, there must be a way in which the seen world communicate with the unseen world. This is of scientific interest. The problem with the famous 'hallucination' idea is that no one can explain how such can come about. When the info pertaining to the unseen comes to the brain, then that whatever mechanism is much close to the notion of 'third eye'.

It is likely that in the usual 'wake' state, the brain categorises info from the unseen world alongside visualizations via the help of chemical signallings from pineal. It does so by dimming these info. So pineal isn't necesarily a direct gate linking the seen and the unseen body. The real 'third eye' is in the unseen body. The hallucinogens (or psychedelecs) mimicks the role of pineal. Some chemicals from pineal tells the cortex how to interprate the infor it receives. So we know the difference between 'real' and 'imagination'. However, in the 'closed third eye', not all the dimmed info is imaginations. Some are info from the unseen!

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Comment by gi-ANTS on March 28, 2018 at 11:37am

BTW the 'astrally gated ion channel' need not be an entirely different channel. The concept can refer to the manner in which the 3 channels behave that the scientists haven't observed.

So the gate to the unseen world need not be localized anywhere in the brain. Infact, it doesn't need to be circumscribed to the brain at all.

Comment by gi-ANTS on March 28, 2018 at 11:28am

Now, in the usual way the brain perform signaling, the info comes to a brain cell via the ion channels. There are 3 types of ion channels. They are categorized according to how they are gated.

1.)Mechanically gated
2.)Chemically gated
3.)Voltage gated

I wish to add a third type of gating termed 'astraly gated'. This activity is observable in principle, but the astral body that opens and closes the body isn't observable. The phyc could work by addition of another unknown field. However, it can also work via quantum coherence. This requires that we abandon the simplistic 'quantum decoherence' when we are dealing with biological organisms. (quantum decoherence haven't been studied in the brain)

So pineal isn't itself a gate. The pineal only tells the cortex 'hey, here is a signal from astral'. Then the brain avoids filtering it alongside 'imaginations'.

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