Green Light! Mass Arrests Will Now Commence! No WAIT, its RED..for NOW..ORANGE Standby

Preface: I am not taking on genuine guides or masters here for whom I continue to have the highest respect.

Rather I wish to offer a critical perspective on a serious phenomenon that many are documenting relative to  channels whose names are being gradually exposed.


One thing that I am profoundly grateful for is the fact that we appear to be seeing more thinking people emerging or awakening from the delusional world of the Grand Channelers. For decades as time will reveal, (has revealed for anyone interested in looking), these people have literally lived off space hype and hope, getting away with, through an affectionately granted status of well meaning good hearts, total deception mixed in with some elements of truth.

Pretty much in the same way that we have unquestionably believed in and voted time and again all those wonderful promise making, economy busting politicians and financiers who like the Enron inspired, Mad-off socio-pathic clones, scuttled away ordinary people's livelihoods and pensions with a sardonic smile.

Rotten CEO's, bankers, assett management powerhouses, economists, politicians (all linked of course) all played the good game while people saw increased hardship and difficulties as a result of their games and scores.

In Europe today many are dying either through their own hands out of desperation or aided by incredible hardships for which they mostly had no part, except that is for voting in - UNTHINKINGLY - the people that paved the way for the unelected technocrats to march in as Saints and saviours. Signals were missed again and again.

Decades ago the divine star seeds appeared, many possibly genuine, many self appointed, charming and convincing. They provided us with an interesting alternative to the dismal reality of day to day life. Are "they" coming, are "they" not coming ? Yes they are coming: the cry went up, the vultures turned into blinking angels and suddenly new revelations appeared to suit just about anyone's leanings. And lo and behold: the collective just voted in a new class of predator, but one that we liked for its sparkling other worldly qualities and who like all predators offers candy and lollipops - or spaceships evacuations, magical realms and free cornflakes for all.

And if things did not happen as promised which was yearly, (my research shows), well the time was NOT yet ripe, the cabal 11th hour negotiations with earth allies stalled into about 6000 hours of prolonged debates amidst which the cabal surrendered, changed their mind, surrendered again and were convulsing in their death throes before resurrecting again like battered phoenixes. At times it was OUR fault they did not land. We lacked a whole bunch of things: faith, positive energy, complicated assignments capability, trust of aliens and on and on.

On the other hand we were simultaneously told that we earth children were galloping with such speed, evolving beyond the expectations of our celestial guardians, shining as many beautiful bright lights that could be seen from stars and planets far away.

And then other heroes appeared: hitting the right notes and again with a basis in truth and some facts, they told us of Dragon alliances,White hats, top insiders and outsiders, unimaginable riches for all, Karate Dons who together with Russian reigning or ex illuminates  could take down the cabal, mobilizing a 200 million army of martial arts recruits world wide as well as 1.8 million triad and brotherhoods soldiers. And who could doubt the Fulford videos with the fierce bowler hatted samurai sword wielding, deep voiced leader with the twitchy leg who could clean up the whole mess with just a sneeze.

I digress: we have recorded arrests, landings, new technologies and deadlines just about every year for the past 10, a brave researcher recently released data going back as much as 16 years of forgotten but archived unfulfilled promises.

Why would anyone be doing this aside from making easy money or developing an alternative career in fantasizing ?

There could be three possible explanations:

1) Power derived from manipulating perception and emotions as well as income

2) Raising hopes and dashing them on the rocks to dull and stun people into disbelief of the genuine spiritual seekers and genuine guides.

3) Preparing earthlings for maybe thinking that our current system is not that bad after all, considering the low level of so called advanced civilizations based on their own pronouncements - they do not know what they are talking about.

A comment I saw recently by a critic of the latest pronouncements sums it up.

"There is hope for us after all, we may not be a space ship traveling  galactic species just yet, but we are a lot brighter than these alleged beings since nothing they have said to date has either happened or made any sense. Their ships don't even travel in straight lines."

I could disagree on the last part. But I would agree on the first. We have been lied to and the evidence has and will continue to emerge.

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Comment by Davide Orsini on July 2, 2012 at 5:47am

I was wondering when we were going to have an overdue blast off, here it is, like earthquake monitoring. I agree with you and I have just seen a coverage on you tube and got the GREEN light to post.

Comment by A. Mahachandra on July 2, 2012 at 6:27am

I knew it would be coming, I am happy it has been said. We need to help people to be aware of what they are reading and asking questions. That is real empowerment, the ability to think and to question why have we forgotten this so much ?

Comment by Kay Chong Tay on July 2, 2012 at 7:21am

Leo from Sing team, thank you for showing us westerners are not all crazy and know how to think, we know but no one believe ? OK I am your good friend but it is true.

Comment by Maya D' Auspicio on July 2, 2012 at 9:04am

I completely agree about them not being able to travel in a straight line...a straight-jacket is what the perpetrators lack...and what they are desperately are looking for.

Keep up the great research Leo, there is hope indeed!


Comment by Maya D' Auspicio on July 2, 2012 at 9:11am

I especially love the martial arts army taking over the planet, it sounds like just the thing Chuck Norris would have thought up...but don't worry...Steven Seagal will be there too! What a show...

Comment by Leo on July 2, 2012 at 6:43pm

Julian: your message is that of the masters, this is the true path and ascension will only come through the work we do here, right now, and if we are genuinely of the light, we should be concerned about and stop confusing people with stuff that has nothing to do with inner growth and does not help them to develop, one whiff. If people that have "awakened" do not get this fundamental point, they are not light beings let alone light workers. And they are just still dreaming.

Comment by Leo on July 2, 2012 at 8:23pm

Julian you are one of a few rare jewels, but I fervently pray that more will join you in this treasure chest. I realized living in Asia and being my own bridge between Eastern and Western cultures that most people are not aware of the truth of these masters and many of those that might have read them do not understand that they came from oral lineages of constant practice and realizations. The scholarly works are often just that. They are literal translations of that which can only be experienced. And only those with true experience are unmistakable because they come to the same conclusion wherever and in whichever traditions they might have emerged from. I do not criticize current mind consciousness training schools if they do indeed assist those  who have lost faith and need alternative "practices" to help them find peace and move further, in the same way that all religions use rituals which are not the end in themselves but merely a stepping stone. As Sogyal Rinpoche says: " we should not confuse understanding with realization, and we should not confuse realization with enlightenment. Neither should we believe that the ultimate aim, unless that is a choice, is to astral travel free as a spirit which is actually what we have plenty of floating around already. I think what you say is what most masters would say and frankly you have articulated that so much better than I could ever have done.

Comment by Leo on July 2, 2012 at 8:40pm

I must tell you, on my forest trip I went to a forest temple and found this incredible huge beautiful peacock waiting for the Abbot outside his room as we were walking back with him to his small dwelling. As soon as I got out my camera he took off, actually hopped off, and disappeared. I missed a great shot, although it is stored in my heart.

Comment by A. Mahachandra on July 2, 2012 at 9:33pm

Julian, you are really one of the few people that I also have come across that has truly joined with the spirit of the masters. You are a good teacher even if you are not meaning to teach, your words are so wise and kind. This can be of great help to those maybe wishing to learn more about the thoughts and traditions of the East. It is so that anyone can choose their path, but if it is the right one it will be of service to others, have full compassion as pointed in the sayings of the many great Siddhas that you have quoted.

Comment by Kay Chong Tay on July 4, 2012 at 1:26am

I think peacock got more intelligence than this, not so confused, if I need information I ask peacock so no BS..


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