When we surrender to God’s feelings inside ourselves, God embraces us and gives us all the justice of the world. He shows us the righteous way and reveals his love as he directs us on the way, always standing by our side...
and trying to bring the revelation into our home. When we open to God’s love in ourselves, this is a correct way of righteousness and the way leading to paradise of our level of existence.

When we are open only to material goods and forget about our inner being, we lose the prosperity in our lives, because the real joy is in sharing with others and wishing for righteous system in society. When we are happy every little moment, we are getting closer to our joyfulness, the door of God’s assumption opens and brings us closer to a just life. When we try our best to raise our consciousness and when we subject to God’s will in ourselves, we arrive to a path that leads towards our happiness and hope for a better future. Better future lies in the righteous system in society that doesn’t neglect anyone, takes care of the poor and helpless and makes sure they receive an appropriate social help.

When we think only of ourselves, we forget that we could also someday be in a similar situation, when we will need God’s help, but we won’t receive it until we think only of ourselves. All good things come back to us and even multiply ten- or hundredfold, if we do them with purity in our hearts. Pure heart leads us on the way of love and accepting ourselves. When we accept our real image, the God’s image isn’t very far away from us. Let’s accept ourselves on the inside, including all our unique qualities, and open to God’s love that keeps us alive when we’re losing hope.

When we trust ourselves, we surrender to God’s will inside ourselves to show us the right way of self-trust and reliability of our decisions and changes that put us on the correct path. Caring for others and letting them know about our changes means that we try to make the world better than ever before. For when we’re proud of ourselves, the welfare enters into our lives. When we’re proud of our actions and long for a new chance to prove ourselves, there’s hope that others will imitate our enthusiasm for achieving a better society and inner peace. Inner peace is a feeling of longing for God’s peacefulness in ourselves, which puts us on the path of settled lives and inner self-image that shows us in the light of God’s wisdom.

When we open ourselves up for all the beautiful things God sends into our lives we start to cherish every little moment of our lives in the company of wonderful people God puts on our way. God tries to enable us the optimal evolution through tests and temptations that open the door of self-trust and God’s peace in us. When we become open to God’s love in ourselves, this love puts us into the center of existence and shows us how to achieve joy and accept life as a gift, for life is not self-evident if we don’t deserve it by constant avoidance of greediness and inner restlessness.

God’s spark in ourselves helps us recognize the essence of life and helps us in the most difficult moments of our lives when everybody else leaves us. That’s when God’s blessings become evident as they shut the door of arrogance that makes us further from the essence of our existence, which includes the co-existence with everybody we live with. Also, they give us self-confidence if we’re surrendering to God’s will. God’s will is a path that directs us on the way of righteous and courageous people, who help others in need even if they don’t know them, for these moments are valuable and rare. God sends them to us as a test and if we miss them, they hardly return.

We should take care of ourselves and also of our closest ones that help us in the most difficult moments, so we should reward them with our attention. When we surrender to the beauty in ourselves, we find inner joyfulness, immense love and Divine joy. Succumbing to arrogance is very bad because we lose good relationships with people. We should live in a way that brings us friendship with our loved ones and also those who are further from us, but are trying to come close to us, in hope for better tomorrow. The correct path opens to us, when we change inside and put love first in relationships, and when we’re always ready to help others.

We should improve our self-confidence that exists in the state of inner peace, try to improve every day and do anything necessary to change in a way that fits God’s criteria of friendship between nations and welfare of relations tending towards perfection. We should try to be a good father and husband, and God’s enlightenment will approach us quickly. For if we don’t put our nearest people in the first place, the beauty of life flows away from us and we miss the great award for the noble effort of taking care of our children and partner. Trying our best to create family idyll strengthens ties among humanity and preserves inner peace in families.

God shows us the way, but if we don’t walk on it, the prosperity of inner joy moves away from us and opportunities of God’s initiation we worked hard for go other direction.

We should try to be better than ever before and make attaining good relationships and raising of children our most important task. We should also take care of our environment because we have been given magnificent surroundings and plenty beautiful moments of living together with nature. When we don’t try to preserve nature as God has created for us, we destroy ourselves, because without nature there’s no life. Destroying nature brings us closer to an end that nobody wants to see, and especially not us.

Try to have a new understanding of the essence of life that will lead us towards paradise on Earth and reveal Divine love in us, because God’s blessing is inside of us if we try to improve ourselves. God’s peace is a reward for everyone who approaches God in a righteous and natural way, through good relationships and idyll that gives us hope to save our planet and make it in God’s image harmonized with God’s order.

Sandi, www.meditacija-sandi.com

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