Emotional Healing and the New Light Body

This series aims to create a new landscape of possibilities for emotional, mental, and physical healing at this time of spiritual awakening upon the Earth.

For as long as human beings have studied the human psyche, emotions were thought to dwell, first, within the physical realm, later within the psychological realm, and today can increasingly be viewed within the wholeness of a spiritual perspective that includes both of the former.

Today's contribution to an understanding of emotional healing is a significant one, based on the premise that each individual has access to spiritual light as part of their inherent humanity, and that this light has healing properties for the entire individual and for the Earth itself.

The present series aims to convey an understanding of how light interacts with emotions and how it begins to create a new 'light body', one that is purified of all that is negative and that can resonate with the entire realm of spiritual reality.


Part 1 - The Nature of Emotions

Emotions are part of the basic structure of human experience. They are part of the consciousness of every human being. Happy or sad, angry or peaceful, fearful or hopeful – these are common emotions that are part of the inner life of many, as is the emotion of love. However, they are not the only emotions. Human emotions have their Divine counterparts which address man’s relationship with the sacred and holy. Awe, reverence, praise, gratitude, devotion, adoration, and love which bridges all dimensions and ways of relating within these dimensions – these are emotions as well. The Divine emotions may be considered the ‘higher counterparts’ of the human emotions. Many are recognizable, only different in scope and intensity.

The mystery of the purpose of Creation is embodied within God’s plan for human experience as it relates to emotions. For emotions are a primary aspect of the way in which individual souls living within bodies come to know themselves as individuals. Within the embodied state, over a long arc of time and multiple lifetimes of experience, human beings come to recognize that ‘I am what I feel’. Experience itself also creates identification and identity, as do relationships with significant others. However, emotions play a large part in conveying to awareness who and what the self is.

The individuation process that takes place within human experience is part of the spiritual evolution of mankind. It is part of the way in which God’s consciousness is able to expand within form. This movement through time is sometimes accompanied by and often followed by a process of re-unification in which the now-individualized self seeks a path of return to unity within a greater Whole. The purpose of this return is to become one with this greater Whole, and the yearning for this is as much built into the structure of human experience as is the desire to become an individualized self. This greater Whole, by whatever name it is called - God, the Divine, the One, Spirit – draws the evolving soul toward Itself, more subtly during earlier stages of development, more consciously later on. Individuation is a necessary part of the process. So are emotions. And yet when the time is right, when the soul is ready, emotions of a certain kind are let go of in order to make progress in realizing one’s participation in the greater Whole of which one is a part.

As part of the process of return, all emotions do not have to be let go of, only those that cannot merge with their ‘higher counterparts’, only those that we call negative emotions that cannot be joined with love. These, at a certain point in time, are surrendered so that the higher aspects of the self can grow and flourish – so they can expand in the light of spiritual reality.

Whereas in the process of individuation emotions were a mark of identity, as re-unification proceeds, only certain positive emotions are held in that regard, while those that separate us from love and God are progressively let go of. This process is one that can take place over many lifetimes. In such cases it becomes part of the long trajectory of spiritual evolution. It can also taken place within one lifetime as a more rapid process of purification and transformation. The ‘purification process’ changes the structure of personality altogether and the way in which we relate to emotions. The process of purification makes us new and enables each human being to develop a ‘light body.’


Part 2 - What is a Light Body?

The process of purification fosters the transformation of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of each human being and, indeed, of all of embodied life, into a state of greater resonance with the higher frequencies of spiritual light. To the degree that this is accomplished, the embodied self, including the physical form, no longer operates in the same way that it once did. Instead, it operates as a vehicle for the properties of God’s light, and becomes capable of radiating these properties at all levels.

What we call the ‘energy-field’ or ‘aura’ which all human beings possess is an aspect of a light body but not the whole. The ‘aura’, generally speaking, has been a term used to describe the energy field that surrounds individuals, transmitting currents corresponding to the qualities of thought, emotion, and higher consciousness that human beings carry. The light body, by contrast, incorporates the auric or energy field. But it also consists of the cellular structure of each organ, the molecules of each physical cell, the atoms of each molecule, and the electrons and sub-atomic particles of each atom. In addition, the light body, as it develops, is capable of influencing the genetic code and chromosomal structure which give rise to personal traits and characteristics.

All that is physical as well as all that is mental and emotional is capable of transformation by the higher frequencies of spiritual light so that the entire physical, mental, and emotional being vibrates at a higher level with a new and different consciousness.

Within this frame of reference, it is important to note that the premise of the light body is that all that we currently hold to be solid is not truly solid, but contains crystallized or coagulated energy which holds together for a time and purpose, only to dissolve later on into energy once more. Once we understand the fundamental aspect of the human organism as energy manifesting on all levels of expression, it becomes easier to see that a new energy containing qualities of Divine love, light, hope, and joy could infuse a pre-existing energy field and transform it into a new configuration.

This is fundamentally what happens in the creation of a light body. The energies of mind and emotion that we call ‘thought’ and ‘feeling’ are transformed through the introduction of spiritual light into a new energy pattern. This energy pattern resonates with, and increasingly conforms to the Divine inner nature of each human being.

Expressed differently, the energy of spiritual light, as it affects the physical, mental, and emotional being, begins to separate out light and darkness at each level of experience, amplifying and merging with that which is already light-filled within the self, and releasing and dissolving what is not capable, in its essence, of joining with the higher frequencies of light.

The process of purification enables each one who wishes to, to transform themselves in this way, through the creation of a body of light which permanently alters the qualities of consciousness that each has held for a very long time. The new light body is not created through one thought, one effort, or one moment in time, but rather through a process of integration and transformation that is progressive and that involves a willingness to become the Divine blueprint or pattern that lives within. This willingness, and the orientation toward purity and purification, enables each embodied soul who chooses to, to live in a state of communion with their deepest Divine nature and with the Divine that is God. Purification creates the possibility for living a sacred and self-aware life on all levels, within the physical realm and beyond.

The means by which it achieves this involves several dynamic principles, each related to Divine action affecting life within the human sphere:

First, that the higher potencies of spiritual light will act upon the human sphere and, indeed, the entire physical dimension, to separate light and darkness wherever they are found, releasing and dissolving the latter, and amplifying and expanding the former.

Second, that within this process, a new relationship with ones body, thoughts, and emotions is required, so that what needs to be let go of can be.


Part 3 - Releasing and Letting Go

Releasing and ‘letting go’ are not the same thing. Releasing of emotional and mental energies often takes place when these energies are transmitted unconsciously into the environment where they circulate among others as anger, judgment, fear, or blame. Given free reign in this way, such energies tend to have a negative effect on relationships with others and also create a feedback loop by virtue of being freely expressed. Liberated negative energy tends to recycle back into the psyche and into the body. It is not really ‘let go of’ but is returned as a dynamic force which we continue to carry within us. Releasing can also take place in a more solitary way when one gives way to despair, depression, or anxiety, even if no one else is around.

Releasing does not always involve a conscious process. Indeed, most energies are released unconsciously since most people are not yet aware of the effect of their energetic state on themselves or on others. This becomes especially problematic as the energy of spiritual light strengthens on the Earth and interacts with the physical, mental, and emotional body. Then, it begins to stir things up so that what was formerly bound or held in check is sent out into the environment more strongly. This may create disturbances in relationships and it may also create disturbances in one’s mood or feelings about the self. Without consciousness, this process can create a great deal of turbulence and turmoil. With consciousness, the formerly unconscious process of ‘releasing’ can become a conscious process of ‘letting go’.

‘Letting go’ is activated by both heart, mind, and will and is supported by the deeper layers of one’s being. It involves a determination to separate from negative energies, to remain aware of what is happening emotionally, and to be willing to participate in the healing process so that the movement of God’s light can take place with maximum positive effect. When this occurs, whatever needs to be let go of will be in the smoothest possible way.

Some people need to let go of fear. Some need to let go of anger. Some need to let go of self-hatred. Some need to let go of hopelessness. There are many emotions that human beings carry that are supported by and infused with energies of darkness that need to be let go of as purification proceeds. The best way to do this is to anchor in the light of one’s being which is simultaneously the light of God so that there is an inner place to ‘stand’ and to identify with while an upsurge of unwanted energies may be taking place.

One does this not primarily through human effort and will, but through the mind and heart connected with Divine will. This involves one’s conscious desire to be free of something, supported by a willingness and readiness to anchor in a relationship with the Divine.

There are other ways that human beings have tried to create healing of unwanted emotional characteristics. These include intellectual understanding of their origins (psychoanalytic theory), behavior management, cognitive re-training, and the strengthening of the will. Some of these strategies worked well for some, some not at all. What the new perspective of emotional healing offers is an understanding that there is a spiritual underpinning to transformation of emotional energies that is accessible to each and every one who pursues this direction. This pursuit involves a desire to engage with one’s deeper Divine nature.

Such a spiritual underpinning is accessible to the conscious self who seeks it. It is accessible through prayer, through alignment and meditation, and through the power of light in one’s surroundings and within one’s body to create changes in attitude, feeling, and motivation.

There are a number of ways to anchor light within body and consciousness to support the process of purification and letting go:

1) Prayer of the heart in asking for healing. It does not matter what language or what belief system this prayer comes from. Only that it is a sincere prayer of the heart.

2.) Alignment with the consciousness and energy of the higher Self and God. Here, the Practice of Alignment is particularly useful in creating a daily practice of connecting with an energy field of light.

3) Meditation of many kinds allows one to join with the pure state of Being that transcends the emotional self. This permits a space to develop between awareness and the emotions, a space in which one can watch them more from a distance.

4.) Being with others who are similarly purifying through their incorporation of greater light and their pursuit of a relationship with the Divine.

5.) Changing one’s diet and physical habits so that these bring more light into the body (See: The Sacred Consciousness of Food.

6.) Creating a sacred altar space within the home to help with the physical anchoring of light.

Each of these elements contributes to the process of letting go by helping to anchor one’s awareness in an emerging spiritual matrix rather than in a place of identification with the emotions. As a result of this shift, we come to recognize emotions as ‘that which we carry,’ not ‘that which we are.’

Love and blessings,

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New Light Body * P.O. Box 8741 * Bend, Oregon 97708 * USA * (541) 388-4692 * The website has been constructed with help from the spiritual realms, from my beloved husband Doran, and from my beloved spiritual teacher, Julie Redstone, who assisted in large measure with its development. It is evolving as an organic whole evolves, with anticipation that there will be growth and change as new needs arise for conveying spiritual truths to an awakening world.

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