Consciousness Is Fundamental In The Universe

By 'fundamental', I mean a property that is essential to understanding. This is because the property cannot be understood in terms of anything thought to be more basic (or easier to understand) than itself. Motion is a fundamental propety of an object. If we think of an object as to be composed of particles that each of them is incapable of motion, then we only can conceive of an entire object as to be itself incapable of motion too. The only way out of this dungeon is to regard motion as fundamental.

In a similar way, consciousness must be understood as fundamental. If your brain is conscious, then every particle that makes up the brain must be, at that very moment, conscious! Though this conclusion is axiomatic, mainstream scientist try to escape it because it has a very profound implication that can turn all their tables upside down (or infact rightside up)!

Below in the 'comments', I am going to debunk claims that attempt to simplistically treat consciousness as emergent in the brain.

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Comment by gi-ANTS on April 27, 2018 at 12:58pm

We donnot yet fully understand 'matter'. To suppose that it must be uncoscious only to hopelessly wonder how consciousness 'emerge' in our own brains is, at its best, silly! Perharps matter is simply conscious as part of its inherent (and essential) property of 'being what it is' like, for instance, the way it has a certain shape.

The problem with 'emergent consciousness' is that nothing realy emerges! The whole idea was concocted just to explain a single phenomenon! All of those properties that are claimed to emerge from other properties are nothing but those 'other' properties albeit of different manner. In consciousness though, we are asked to think of neurones as to have only aleged 'objective' properties out from which an entirely subjective property must somehow emerg!! This latter is a creation of something from nothing just by mere interconnections! It is nothing any short of a superstition ironically on the part of 'materialist'!!

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