Collective consciousness is accepting humanity in its current state, in the highest image that humanity can appear on the outside. Accepting ourselves is the way to the highest collective consciousness, because accepting ourselves on our own level enables us to change everything we have accumulated in ourselves throughout the years. That is when we balance ourselves emotionally as well as mentally, and that affects collective consciousness the most. Every one of us contributes a part of ourselves to information of collective consciousness, that together represents current level of evolution of humanity and indicates changes, which are necessary at the moment. We have to look inside ourselves, turn inwards and find a path to resolve current situation in our lives, which doesn’t make us happy, because dissatisfaction with ourselves causes outflow of collective consciousness to lower emotional levels, which are still in the stone age of our evolution. We should change what we can in ourselves, accept what we can’t change and move on, free from past. Every human on his/her micro level affects consciousness of whole humanity and direction of humanity evolution.

If we separate ourselves from others, that isn’t a right way to evolution, but a way to estrange ourselves on all levels of our existence, co-existence and reconciliation, which are necessary for better future. When a soul incarnates in a body, it surrenders to God’s sensation of inner consciousness and mission to accept, change and grow spiritually in every situation we’ll encounter. Irrespective of momentary circumstances, which can be difficult and burdening for us, soul always finds a path to evolve and accomplish its mission, each soul on its own level. Soul’s momentary evolution is identified by its sublevels, which direct soul into the progressive evolution. Even when physical body grows tired, the soul never stops carrying out its path and always finds the correct way to self-realization. Each soul contributes a part of God’s bliss to collective consciousness of humanity, which causes us to change and perceive changes, which are necessary for our evolution on micro level of our existence.

When a soul decides to leave the body, this is the end of its existence on the Earth and the body is left to collective consciousness of last moments of its life. When soul leaves the body, the end of physical body’s existence and declining on the subconscious level start. Soul decides to do that when humanity doesn’t progress optimally anymore and isn’t on the path to prosperity of our interrelationships.

As long as our soul progresses, we have no diseases, no problems, but when the progress stops, our health starts to get worse, because we have gone of the path of our evolution towards the highest humanity welfare. In that case, only the diseases or some other heavy difficulties can bring us back into our self-image of society evolution. It’s sad when our soul directs us with the help of diseases, but that’s the only way if we’re not changing and following the paths toward society evolution. Society evolution is created by all of our evolutionary paths and everyone contributes a part, which is needed to drive the humanity into the right direction.

Therefore, evolution isn’t self-evident if we don’t carry it in our consciousness and serve each other on the way of developing social standards in ourselves. When we are arrogant, our soul suffers and puts us farther away from the way of developing social standards in ourselves, because humanity changes together and when we only care for ourselves, we neglect social and public welfare. We should develop the best human interrelations on the highest level we can. Collective consciousness directs us on the way of evolution of our consciousness only if there are enough people, who raise that consciousness and take care of the optimal humanity evolution. When humanity suffers the crisis, like it is at this moment, this signifies an alarm for our own evolution. That’s why we all have to make an effort, each on his/her own level, to gain the correct information of collective consciousness, which will direct us into changing ourselves and bring us out of the bad relationships into light. Light awaits us when we change for the better in all aspects of our lives, especially in the relations towards ourselves and our close ones, because the road to evolution is paved with love.

We should open ourselves to love and try to live a good life, full of dedication to ourselves and to higher goals of our lives. This is the only way out of the current crisis, because if we don’t change, then we won’t evolve and we’ll go farther away from the essence of life. When our path of evolution brings us to love, we open to inner feelings, which we should never suppress in ourselves. The beauty of life is in expressing emotions and enjoying relationships, cooperation and helping each other when we’re in trouble. A friend isn’t somebody who reminds us of our mistakes, but a person who supports us when everybody else leaves us, believes in our inner power of accepting ourselves and brings us back to the right path of faith in humanity.

Humanity is making an effort for public welfare, when our consciousness is at the highest state we can reach. Collective consciousness is the sum of all our consciousness who try to contribute a part of ourselves into the social consciousness of changing in the direction of love and away from our arrogance. We should liberate ourselves in our everyday lives and try to become better than ever before. We should be the first ones to offer a help, when it is needed, and shouldn’t think only of ourselves, but also of the interest of society evolution towards love. That will cause the inner power of change, which is necessary for our welfare.



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