Physicit purpots to explain everything using three concepts; the innitial conditions, the boundary conditions and the laws. It is in the boundary and innitial conditions that some want to artribute it to chance. So we must get it clear what this word rifers to.

As usual, dictionaries offers lots of definitions to words. Some are hard or even impossible to reconcile. However from the context, we can guess that when they artribute 'chance' to a natural phenomenon, they mean 'happening with no intent'. So by saying 'it happened by chance', he is actualy not talking of what happened at all!! He is talking of what it did not happen, i.e 'intent did not happen'. So what have we understood?

Because the 'intent' is in the definition and they are using 'chance' like a mantra, you might think that they have a good grip of what intent is. But they don't! Their entire approach is to attempt to completly remove intend from nature so that even human has non! But this make the very concept 'chance' meaningless!

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Comment by gi-ANTS on April 3, 2018 at 1:28pm

If nothing has intent, including your brain, then what is the meaning of 'intent'? If no happening has intent, then what is the meaning of trying to categorise some happenings as 'happening with no intent' and then lableing them 'chance'? If everything fits squarely in the 'chance' folder, then the concept of 'chance' itself is not that meaningfull!

But that must not be the case! We must define 'intent' such that it rifers to that which we know that it happens for sure or we should stop using the word alltogether!

INTENT: We say that intent of the phenomena is there if the knowledge (information) of the phenomena came prio to the phenomena and that information was at least one of the causal factors in bringing about the phenomena.

Then we see that, for instance, in the making of a biological body using the info in the DNA, intent is there because the info pertaining to the body is there prio to the body itself, and this info is causaly relevant!

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