greeting my brothers and sisters of shamballa i have came to You in this very blissed day to give you very powerful mantra i have given by the creator our God himself

the mantra is : I AM Allah , I AM That I AM

this powerful mantra it will give you

1. very clear  connection to you with  god himself so you could talk to him directly

2. rise your vibration to dimension of god's infinite universe

3. integration of your consciousness with god's infinite  consciousness

4.Enlighten your consciousness last 5-6 degrees

5. put you in the desireless & bliss  state

6. full purification   healing balance  to whole of your being

7. help you to see god in all creations

8. integration of your bodies ( physical , emotional , metal , spiritual bodies)

9. integration of all the aspect of your self

this at least what i could came up with

why allah why not god ,elohim or any other name ?!!!

because god have a lot of aspect's the word " allah " is the one that cover almost every aspect of god

please share with me all your experiences

love and light and the bliss of our creator



I accept no responsibility for the direct or indirect results from the use of information or material provided on this page.

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Comment by Mhamed Bushnaq on October 4, 2012 at 12:50pm

My brother Gaid my heart is filled with joy to see awner

i try to tell you the truth that i have found and given by god

though  my journy of my ascension i have found the the messenger's of god that have been choosen by him there asceded masters there is other poeple they are ascended master but they are dont his messenger's like buddha , sai baba , saint Germen and othre's they have ascended without being god messenger 

for long time i have think there is something wrong in ascension manual's or the holy book

but shockingly i have found all of them god give it to us help us in our life and to serve him and to accept his well to see how his will is the best thing to follow 

and about the question and the diffrence between them and the holy book i will tell you this

god wisdom is alot deeper than we can understand, sometime  god put his very same  wisdom in different face's to keep us open mind , try  put your self in place of god do you want open mind  creatures or close mind Creatures ??

myt beloved brother in cosmic there is alot of creator ; the sun is creator , the car is creator , the we are  a creator creator of though, energy , love ,.......etc ,do you understand what i try to say ??? but

the almighty Allah the only creator that can create form nothing  ,the only one who can create to infinity without limite

and about the light being the light being they exist only to serve god like angel's , archangel's the information they have they been given to them by god , my brother please read some ascension manual and you will see that god give humen's this books to people who don't believe in the holy book like quran bible  if you ask you self why god did this i will tell you what god tell me in the exact word's : imy son's and daughter's slave's you be long to me i create you to love you and enlighten you in many way you can't imagen

some of you need faith they will find not only the holy books but the many way's i have put in your world to so you find it and try to reconnect with me in person ,

my brother if you can feel the energy try the word's that i have wroten and the word's that i have chennel it

in the end i want to tell you the truth is not only in the holy book's but in every thing god create

there is nothing in this world is exist is aginst god will even the thing tell you that god is not exist is only god way to tell you you should go deeper more and more in my universe to find me

but if want find god you can only find him in youself 

 i hope you find the truth that i try tell you about

Love and light and the bless of our creator




Comment by gaid khalifa on October 2, 2012 at 3:54pm

Thank you brother Bushnaq for your explanation

Sorry, I could not agree with you in your comment and viwpoint I respect very much .

In fact, there is no other Creator in earth,heavens or other realms but Allah , Almighty ,the Source.

We are not creators but we are only founders , constructors or reconstructors of our realities so that they will be as the ideal images as God likes them to be.

We are the creatures of Allah and not the creators or the co-creators of our realties even in the realms as spiritual being and not human being . How can creatures of Allah , can be creators as Him? It is contradictory with the universal laws. the Creation belongs to Allah, the Creator,  and not to his Creatures.

As spiritual beings ,we are created by Him, Almighty or as others like to say, we   emanated from Him but we  cannot be in any case, creators or co-creators.

We are in fact,  reconstructors or founders of our realties as we like them to be according to what Allah likes them to be in  perfect forms.

There are a lot of ascension manuals evoking the question but in general they are not perfect because they are human inspirations and they may be light beings dictations and they are not manuals came down from Allah Heavens nor they are His Holly Books came down to his creatures through His Messengers.



Comment by Mhamed Bushnaq on October 2, 2012 at 10:44am

My dear brother Gaid

when i have receive this mantra i have not create it, i have only been guide it  to use it (by the creator him self ) , when we say "I AM Allah "  when mean we merging with him we intergration with him and remember my beloved brother when we have create we have been create as Divine  spiritual being not human being (for more information read the complete ascension manual , story of creation  ) we are far more physical body the physical body is only to be in touch with the physical world  , the energy that emanate form this mantra it comes for the creator not you, you just open the portal form our creator to you and rececive  pure clear source light Allah light  

I hope i have let you see the truth beyond the word's

Love , light And bliss of our creator


Comment by gaid khalifa on September 27, 2012 at 1:37pm

Allah,Almighty, is , as it is well known , the arabic name of God in quran, . So. saying "I am Allah" as in that mantra or believing that we are the Source is not true.In my viewpoint, the energy emanated from this mantra is imperfect and simple illusion because it emenated from a simple imperfect human being. the subject may need further explanation and discussion.


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