Descension of Spirit, Walkins, Reincarnation explained

A Descension occurs when a vaster part of a person's own Spirit comes to reside in the body. Descensions of Spirit are an integral part of the Lightbody Ascension process. Everyone will experience this at some time. Often, as Spirit descends into body, a person feels magnificent ecstasy and bliss. There may be a sense of revelation, expandedness, clarity of purpose, and the sensation of seeing everything through new eyes. The subjective experience spans from a pleasant bliss state to complete disorientation. How dramatic a descension feels depends upon the degree of Light that a person has integrated previously, the rigidity of a person's beliefs about who they are and why they are here, and how extensively the Spirit chooses to re-pattern the bodies at that time.

When a Descension begins, the first change that is noticed is usually the sensation of heat, tingling, or electricity around the physical body. This is caused by a massive infusion of Light into the etheric blueprints to activate dormant Lightbody structures. This immediately changes the spin and overall motion of the geometries of the mental and emotional body. At the same time, it signals the physical body's cells to increase production of ATP. The DNA then receives the higher Light encodements from Spirit and mutates to actualize more of the Lightbody.

The physical body's vibratory rate often raises dramatically from this strong infusion of Light at the cellular level and releases old patterns from the emotional and mental bodies. Sometimes, a person actually feels like the molecules of their body are separating. With these radical shifts at all levels, often a release of density is triggered from the physical form, resulting in headache, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, fever, body aches, and dizziness. This usually passes within seventy-two hours.

Sometimes individuals feel disoriented because the old answers to, "Who am I and why am I here?" are no longer available. Despite any discomfort, most people feel exhilaration, ecstasy and freedom. As psychic and multi-dimensional awareness blossoms, a new vaster sense of identity and purpose manifests. Spirit provides the activation for a complete break with referencing to the past and an invitation to live NOW, as the vast, limitless, and multi-dimensional Light Master that you are.

The focus of a descension is to get all of that vastness of Spirit right into the cells, to release the limitation patterning and to get the new patterns firmly in place.

Body's reaction: In a Dimensional Descension, a discreet facet of your Spirit from a higher dimension comes to reside in the body. This facet has identity, life context, and its own description of essence and function. It may have a species planetary, or star orientation, as well as, be able to recall where it came in from. People who have experienced a Dimensional Descension are often confused with walk-ins. The body has usually felt like something is coming and may be in dread. Often there is a feeling that they are going to come apart at the seams or that they are losing molecular integrity. This is can be frightening from the physical perspective.


When the individuated, embodied part of Spirit: the Soul, has completed what it set out to accomplish in a lifetime, it has three basic options: take on a new life goal, die, or walk-out. If the soul chooses to walk-out, an agreement is made with another soul to walk-in and continue the embodiment. This is neither "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," nor possession. It is not a requirement that a person be a walk-in to ascend. It is simply an individual agreement and another way of entering onto the planet. The walk-in experience is so very individual that it's difficult to give a definitive description. Here is an overview of possible experiences.

Usually, there is a "try-on" period of a few days or weeks when the new soul tries on the body before the actual transfer. The personality may or may not be aware as it often occurs while sleeping, meditating or channeling. There may be a feeling of someone hanging around or loss of time. This period lasts for a few days or weeks. The new soul is getting the feel of the body. Remember, some beings coming in have never been in physical bodies and may need to get the feel of being so densified. The new soul is also reviewing the DNA encodements and the existing energy patterns stored in all of the bodies and deciding what to keep or release.

Sometimes, right before a walk-in, the personality may feel a sense of completion with the lifetime. This may manifest as extreme fatigue, severe depression, or suicidal feelings. This is the personality's way of interpreting that a transfer is about to occur. The personality made or may not be conscious during the actual walk-in. If unconscious, the transfer often occurs during a deep trance or sleep state. On occasion, the soul chooses to manifest trauma to the body such as, accident, illness, coma, concussion, or emotional shock. This allows the new soul to more quickly integrate to a deeper level. Because all of the body's systems are disrupted from the habitual patterns by trauma they are, therefore, more receptive to the new soul. In the past, this was the most common route the two souls would undertake for the transfer of energy. Nowadays, the walk-in process is somewhat easier for several reasons. Everyone on the planet has begun the Lightbody mutation. For a walk-in, this means that the physical body is better able to accept a new energy at the cellular level and the personality can adapt to a new identity. More and more walk-ins are fully conscious through the whole transfer.

At the time of the walk-in, the old spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are released with the original occupant and the new spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are attached to the physical one. New patterns and emotions are brought into the etheric blueprint bodies and some old patterns are released. The etheric and physical bodies, as well as, the Keepers of the Legacy, are what keep some form of continuity.

The overall feeling for the previous life experiences is one of neutrality. Most walk-ins retain life facts without emotional attachments. Memories of the previous soul's experiences are much like watching a movie with the emotional sound turned off. This neutrality often means a feeling of detachment from emotionally significant people such as: mate, children, parents, and friends. The old issues, unresolved situations and personal difficulties of the previous incarnee, are often easy for the new walk-in to handle. They are likely to leave the unsatisfying marriage or unfulfilling job that the previous occupants could not resolve.

Much to the dismay of the people around them, a new walk-in often goes through strong changes in the personality. The personality is completely malleable at this time and the new soul tries on new character traits until a good combination to serve the new life goal is found. Also, changes in personal preferences are common such as liking different foods, colors, clothes, and lifestyles than the original occupant.

A new walk-in is like a newborn baby. Because the emotional and mental bodies are "new," they have not yet been imprinted from the environment. Like a baby, a walk-in is a sponge for the emotions, traits and beliefs of the people around them. It is vitally important that a new walk-in choose carefully the people they spend time with for they will be imprinted with those people's qualities and biases good and bad.

The most difficult situation for a new walk-in is to be around people who pull on them to be or be like the previous incarnee. This can be very tough because those people were usually emotionally significant to the previous soul, i.e., mate, parents, family and friends. They may not realize or believe that a transfer of souls has occurred. When these well meaning people project their emotions and pictures of the old occupant on to a walk-in, an overlay of the old energy called "ghosting" occurs in the new energy bodies. Clairvoyantly, it looks like a double image. This is so stressful to the physical body and personality that the walk-in may become ill or feel quite crazy.

The bottom line in the process of the integration is the physical body. Most of the body's consciousness has nothing in its cellular memory banks for the walk-in experience except, "I'm dying." If the body strongly believes that it is dying, it may begin to shut down the entire system. Also, the body may reject the new soul at a cellular level, much like it can reject a new heart or liver. This usually manifests as rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and the pain, swelling and inflammation can be sudden and severe. In extreme cases, partial paralysis can occur. The other common manifestation of body rejection is severe allergic reactions to food, soaps, clothes, plants, household cleansers, the environment, and yourself. Sometimes, usually in the very beginning, a new walk-in may have epilepsy-like seizures as the brain waves and electro-magnetic functions of the brain change.

Most physical and personality symptoms of rejection and disorientation pass very quickly with a little integration. But the process of releasing the dysfunctionality and obsolete pictures of reality of the previous occupant may take years. Strong grief states are common as the body releases these old energies. The trick is not to resist and express the grief fully as it comes up. Then it seems to pass quickly.

If a walk-in was unconscious, there is usually the feeling, "I have something very important to accomplish-if only I could remember what it is." As frustrating as this feeling can be, having a veil over the life goal for a year or so can be a blessing. It allows time for integration of the body, personality, and the lifetime.

When a walk-in is a fully conscious one, he or she often hits the ground running, so to speak. Usually, the veil over the life work is not present so, they may not take the time to integrate the body. Often, "burnout" occurs and they may become sick at about the one year point.

Some walk-ins never know what really happened-just that they went through a dramatic life change. The range of awareness spans across the board. Some souls may just have a major karma that they wish to complete. Others, perhaps coming in from other dimensions or universes, may be here to assist in this planet's transition to Light. There are many reasons for a soul to walk-in but the main one is that it is usually quicker to integrate a new soul into a new body then it is to grow a body from scratch.

Reincarnation in the Same Body (RSB)

This is one of three choices that a soul has when it has completed its life goal: die, walk out, or reincarnate into the same body. RSB's take on an entirely new life goal, shift the personality to experience the goal, and restructure the DNA to bring forth new skills and perceptions for achieving that goal.

Once again the change in personality, tastes, habits, identity and focus can be so intense that it looks like a walk-in. RSBs intuitively know that they are not walk-ins. The changes put everyone around them in a tailspin and they often go off somewhere alone for a couple of years.

Oversensitive, overwhelmed, alienated, burdened with karma, in the void, purposeless, forsaken, and lost are all common descriptions given by people after an RSB. They keep the same energy bodies because it's not a total shift in occupancy of the physical body. Therefore all of the karma matrix, emotional body attachments and mental closed systems are still there to be dealt with. They don't get the Grace period that Walk-ins get. RSBs spend a lot of their time and energy clearing those patterns in the two years in the Void. They do lots of completions with family members.

A near death experience often triggers the RSB. A choice was made on the part of the soul at that time. Not all RSBs have near death experiences, but most do, and these commonly feel like they're living on borrowed time.

About three quarters of RSBs are wrapped in an etheric cocoon for the two to three years of integration. They are blessed by this. The few RSBs without the cocoon feel like they are walking around with no skin. Everything is over stimulating and they often get sick. The truly frustrating thing during those years of integration is a feeling of having no purpose. They pretty much get no information from Spirit on what the new goal is until the cocoon is off or the integration is complete. They may feel suicidal at times and may have trouble with astral entities hanging on them.

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