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alain's Discussions

a 7 weeks session of free healing

Started this discussion. Last reply by Fay Kelley Feb 24, 2014. 2 Replies

Hello everyone, I come to share a period of 7 ascension reiki healing with you \\\oOo///Seven Weeks of Reiki HealingThere are Seven Weeks of concentrated Reiki Healing energies that happen twice a…Continue

Tags: rieki, ascension, healing

My new way of living this year (2014 resolutions ;) What are yours ?

Started Jan 4, 2014 0 Replies

Taking it easy with life and spirituality. Before i did this ascension journey and when i began, there as a gap, and it became big and heavy to carry. Now i am living the "do nothing" way "remember…Continue

Tags: soul, spirit

Heaven's letters , Anytime God answers you here

Started this discussion. Last reply by michelle Triska Apr 17. 1 Reply

Anytime God answers you here :…Continue

Tags: god

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being human

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alain commented on Chris Comish's group Healing Requests
"Hello everyone, i offer healing if you contact me. Send me your photo."
alain commented on Christoffer's group USUI SHIKI RYOHO
"Hello everyone, i offer healing if you contact me. Send me your photo."
alain commented on Colin's group FREE DISTANT HEALING
"Hello everyone, i offer healing if you contact me. Send me your photo."
alain joined Colin's group


Free distant healing available to all. Just type your name or contact me by my web site address and look under the reiki section More
alain commented on alain's group en français
"coucou tout le monde, j'ai rajouté beaucoup d'articles sur la page facebook. Je vous propose aussi des soins gratuit ici. Vous avez qu'à me demander."
alain added a discussion to the group Psychic Viewers Hotline

seeing and hearing easily

It's all about being spontanous and confidient about your first impression, and practice, simply discover what comes to you and repeat. You can do it already and for anything, for anyone.You can drive and simply go somewhere you don't know, you never drove to it but you have the adress or the photo. Intent to go there quickly, easily and just be aware. Confidient You can say Mother heart you are my guide, i want to go there now and i want to park easily in front of it, thank you. Guide me with…See More
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Psychic Viewers Hotline

Most lightworkers don't see energy, and those i know are focused on dark energy. Lol they will just keep seeing what they are focusing on.So, if you can really see energy, angels, talk with people souls....Or even analyse people, their energies, analyze reiki they are many things we can do with our soul skills.Let's make an hotline !Most people don't have faith enough because they hear about fears and dark bad guys, but once we see, we don't fear anymore because we know. it's a…See More
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alain posted a status
"being human"
alain added a discussion to the group Ascension Support Group

warning, don't get grown into the light. Spirituality is natural.

Hello everyone who come to the light. Know ascension works both way, with the light above and bellow. You are the starting point. Simply ask that the light and love of Gaîa and your soul be one in your heart....Here is so much light information, everyday, and there are many, so many other web sites, books, meeting live...It's so much of the Father god light.That's the mother god light : Gaïa, which is the most important.More important, your own light and you shadow.The Nature is a composant of…See More
alain added a discussion to the group New Members

warning, don't get grown into the light. Spirituality is natural.

Hello everyone who come to the light.Here is so much light information, everyday, and there are many, so many other web sites, books, meeting live...It's so much of the Father god light.That's the mother god light : Gaïa, which is the most important.More important, your own light and you shadow.The Nature is a composant of you, the instinct, the guts is your natural way to be powerful and a healer just with hands posture.Everybeing here on earth is by definition light and shadow. You can simply…See More
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Adrian . liked alain's event ethereal crystals 1
Aug 28
Nita might attend alain's event

Celestial and Solar Lights connection at god Creation

March 21, 2015 at 6pm to March 20, 2016 at 7pm
I've just read this and did the meditation. Read the channelling of Archangel Michael and do the meditiation with him. may notice it is oudated or you may notice the sun is again very active today. Earth relation with the Sun has really changed, and so all…See More
Aug 27
Nita is attending alain's event

love light reiki at earth

March 21, 2015 at 6pm to March 20, 2016 at 7pm
Love… light…It’s all you are ! I love this idea, this reiki. It’s like having a “heaven reiki”. Love focus is the divine way to be heaven at lightspeed. Have only love inside and you have only love outside.An Ole Gabrielsen creation Just think "Yes Love Light reiki"to receive it now :)  Love Light.pdf And if you want, you can…See More
Aug 27
Nita joined alain's group

divine consciousness work group

"you are god, love, heaven, a universe, life" All is equal and one, just the same. One life, infinite and shining, beautiful and wonderful.let's share here all our soul guidance to expand our consciousness. Remember than ascension has an end whereas consciousness expansion has not.God is pure consciousness and infinite, which means it expands consciously all the time. I see it as myself living in the biggest palace and my goal is to put on the light in all of the rooms. It's so big than most of…See More
Aug 25

Profile Information

Tell us about yourself? (All answers must be full sentence answers for your membership to be approved)
I love all, serve all, share all that God is and show the way. Be God too (remember that you already are :)
I love myself as much as God does and i'm remembering and sharing my divinity, i am a creator, a god child, a star, a universe, a melkizedeck, a metatron, the archangels, the dimensions, the angels,....just like you. I am you.
So don't hurt people and don't hurt yourself because i am in the heart of everyone.

Focus on love with joy and gratitude because it is the only everlasting Truth and answer for everything.

Whatever warms your heart…
Whatever makes you smile…
Whatever brings you love and laughter…
May they be yours
Love and only love,
What brought you here?
God brought me here to remember i am him, i am you, i am everything.
Remember my friend...
To remember faith, than the divine plan is perfect all the time.
That God is an unconditionnal giver and reciever because he has faith. Have faith too ! He is because he did everything just like him/her. Creation is God's awakening.
What can you contribute?
I am One and showing the way, spreading love.
Enjoy my spirutal guide for your life

Discover Shamballa

I can prove that self love is the best healing method and is the miracle anyone just need. keep loving everything and feel it deeply. but remember to love yourself, unconditionnaly, "i love myself like God does," is the most powerful mantra.
I am the heart of God :) I am God's presence :)
my only prayer to heal : i watch what i see or sense..and i declare i love it ! The list can go forever.

i invite you to test a healing method for you now.

I offer to you a healing with the soul network and the superconscious mind : ...(think of what you would like divine help for now and enjoy).

and if you liked it, know you can come here again and ask again 'or just think you do as well at anytime).
And you can also get attuned to it by its creators among with many great tools

Je réunis aussi les francophones ici, et sur

Venez au moins cliquez sur j'aime pour apporter plus de lumière.
Si vous aimez les initiations offertes ici par Chris Comish, aidez nous en écrivant votre ressenti ici s'il-vous-plait :
God, my soul & spirit and light guides, life, Chris Comish, joshua david stone, Peter Melkizedeck, the world.
joshua david stone's
A course in Miracles
Wanna see Heaven (shamballa) ? watch
What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams & Cuba Gooding Jr
I simply said this in my mind and heart : "God, make all the miracles you want through me for all your Creation, all your children, through my heart, my self to bring me closer to you and my true nature for my highest good and greatest good. Do it everyday, all the time for all of us and the highest good and greatest good. God, do a miracle for me now. Help me to have a better connection with you and to be in greater service for my highest good and greatest good. Do your Will, God. Thank you.

The Creator wishes to remind us

The Creator wishes to remind us
not to take our realities and growth too seriously as this only creates limitations and attachments hindering our awakening.

Happiness is also considered an expression of connection with and an embodiment of the soul. It is a reminder that our greatest goal as spiritual beings is happiness,

a happiness that flows from the soul, the truth and essence of our beings

We are supposed to be blind here for to confirm our path without great verification but rather faith. Faith is even more powerful in Shamballa when you know all.

Earth is the school of Faith and unconditionnal love and receiving everything that is heaven in truth everywhere from all your infinite divine family with in unconditionnal love, joy, gratitude, peace, satisfcation to remember and keep it forver that you are a god or godess in heaven and in family.

The ego (mental, or emotional or...) seeks and define...exploring infinitely only 3 dimensions at the time.

The heart is like god is like heaven is.
In there you have everything.

Faith is so powerful because it is pure divine action.

Faith is unconditionnal god....always gives love and be free.

Use faith to remember that in reality, you are already accomplished.

"An ascended master of oneness is just an unconditionnal positive being. Big smile in the heart, on the face, in the life, the universe"

in oneness, faith and perfect balance..
Don't struggle to see, or push to know, dont' have expectations, just let the light glow,
For when you truly surrender, and when you release,
Connection is made to One Source, Great Peace.

So let it be full surrender, let it be great release,
Allowing your mind to still, your heart at peace.
The Realisation that there is no fight,
To be in union with the Light.

Fear not the ascension, fear not the expansion
Fear not the release and the awakening connection
Embrace all your truths, Release all your fear
Allow the light, so very near

Embrace your divinity, behold your great light,
Allow the surrender, give up the fight
Let there be no expectation, no force, no control
For then you will feel, the light you behold

Know that within there is codings abound,
Once you surrender, the peace it is found,
Struggle not, and never fear,
For the light brings to you, a connection so dear.

Be that great light, that divine soul you are
Beaming so bright, a wonderous great star
Behold your own power, your strength, your delight
Of knowing you are a Being, of Oneness of Light

(Tammy Majchrzak 16th May 2013)

Anytime God answers you here :
and the angels here

and remember, only love is real

you are the gift, you are the miracle God says :)

Alain's Blog

treat yourself gently, live gently

Posted on March 8, 2015 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

Hello everyone, whatever you do, never escape Life by being spiritual. Don't rush to ascend or awake or master. LIfe is a gift, enjoy all the moment present with pleasure.Everybody on earth even If JEsus would came is human. Of course everything is Divine, or light, or God. Anyway we are playing the human journey on Earth and accepting it with joy is accepting the life of God, the gift God gave to each of us the holy family of God and Earth. …


live LIfe WIth God, by God

Posted on November 27, 2014 at 2:04pm 0 Comments

Daily Prayer for Soul Blessings

Posted on October 28, 2014 at 3:59pm 4 Comments

Daily Prayer for Soul Blessings


Beloved Mother Father God, Almighty I Am Presence, Holy Spirit;  Bestow and Grant unto me in this Eternal Instant, Your Love and Light, for I declare unto Thee, the acknowledgment of my Knowing That I Am Your Son/Daughter as You Created Me!

Shower me with Your Love, Wisdom and Power. Bath me in Your Guidance…


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At 8:25am on August 1, 2015, Zamfirescu Bogdan Cristian said…
Hi Alain.. how are you? i am you wish to sustain each other with energy? i like your profile.. you are a strong soul and i like youre energy..
At 2:15pm on November 15, 2014, carolined gave alain a gift
At 12:42pm on October 29, 2014, Luca Isha Bàrel said…

Grazie :-) 

At 10:52pm on October 28, 2014, Dr.Sohini Shukla said…

Dear alain,

I like your profile photo....!!

Thanks for a good Change...

WELCOME WITH Conscious Divine Heart !!

At 3:06am on October 25, 2014, Edwige Argant said…

Namasté Alain, merci beaucoup.

Il s'avère que c'est ce livre qui m'a conduit jusqu'à vous tous. Je pensais plus en particulier aux textes à propos du "whole self attunement" et "circuity resonnance", Au delà du fait que ce serait plus agréable de profiter de ces enseignements sans la barrière de la langue, j'en parle a des amis qui sont intéressés mais pas du tout anglophone. Après, j'avais cru comprendre que vous aviez réalisé des traductions ,-)

En tout cas, cet endroit est formidable, puis je te demander comment tu y es arrivé?

At 3:26am on October 23, 2014, Edwige Argant said…

Namasté Alain,

Je te remercie, après, n'étant pas encore très à l'aise avec le fonctionnement du site, je n'ai pas vu où cliquer pour trouver...Tu veux bien m'indiquer avec un lien ou bien des précisions?

A très vite.



At 8:27am on March 4, 2014, urania said…


Merci pour l'accueil.  Je parle français et néérlandais.  Je pense que les 2 livres sont traduits en français mais peut-être pas en néérlandais tous les deux.

Pour contacter Cris, je dois d'abord l'inviter comme ami?

Tu sais m'expliquer ce que sont les cadeau (rubans de couleur)?

Suis un peu perdu dans ce site; il y a tellement à voir ...

Merci de m'aider.


At 1:23pm on February 10, 2014, Isabel said…

Blessings to you


At 5:33pm on January 6, 2014, STEVEN L HUTCHINSON said…

Alain, I'm delighted to welcome you to my new discussion group "Spiritual Growth". You will find a number of new & uplifting discussions & meditations there every week. Just tune in & visit with this link:  Spiritual Growth
And please feel free to add your Light to our group thru posting discussions, videos, comments, etc. that help uplift us all

Blessings of Love & Light,


At 5:51pm on November 5, 2013, Michele Lacombe said…

Je peux lire quand même assez facilement l'anglais sauf que quand les gens m'écrivent, j'ai du mal à leur répondre correctement. C'est plus difficile de parler et d'écrire pour moi. Je cherche les mots. Je vais me rendre sur votre page en français et sur Facebook avec plaisir. Merci beaucoup.

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