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Shlomo received a gift from Angelite
Dec 21, 2013
Shlomo liked AMBA's blog post Eckhart on the Dark Night of the Soul
Oct 27, 2013
Shlomo replied to nightfox's discussion Free attunement to new very high frequency energy
"Hi nightfox, I am interested in this attunement if still relevant Blessings, Shlomo"
Aug 18, 2013
Shlomo is attending AMBA's event

akashic records at worldwide

April 7, 2013 at 12pm to April 7, 2014 at 1pm
Akashic is Sanskrit for ‘’primary substance’’. They have been referred to by different names such as: The Book of Life, the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, the collective subconscious, and the Soul Records. It is the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. It is the universal filing system which records all thoughts, words, and action. It is the repository of all human experience, a record of all events. Some say the akashic records are similar to a…See More
Apr 7, 2013
Shlomo is attending AMBA's event


April 7, 2013 at 1pm to April 7, 2014 at 1pm
Deep Healing Reiki is a special system meant to work on old, embedded wounds in the psyche. It is an energy that will penetrate deep into the layers of the soul and work on those areas that have been hurt and long forgotten. It is meant to be powerful yet gentle enough that it will heal with the least amount of stress and trauma possible. Many people walk around life as the “walking wounded.” Hidden deep inside the soul is the residue of past disappointments and traumas. Many of these deep…See More
Apr 7, 2013
Shlomo received a gift from Angelite
Dec 20, 2012
Shlomo is attending Light_Samurai's event

Lord Kuthumi Reiki at city of shamballa

October 25, 2012 to October 24, 2013
This attunement will connect you to Lord Kuthumi's heart and his energy field... This attunement is prepared just for City of Shamballa's members. To receive the attunement sit or lie down in a comfortable position: Relax your mind by inhaling-four breaths, hold-four breaths, exhale-four breaths, hold-four breaths. Continue until you feel your mind is calmed. Call upon Lord Kuthumi and Archangel Michael ( you may call upon other ascended masters and archangels too ) to assist you in receiving…See More
Nov 11, 2012

Shlomo just added their location.
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Nov 10, 2012
Shlomo is attending Light_Samurai's event

Shamballa Unified at Planet Earth

October 25, 2012 to October 24, 2013
Unites Shamballa MDH and Shamballa1024.  Allows all Shamballa symbols to work as one.So, you need to attuned with Shamballa MDH and 1024 before.And the attunement is ready to call in! :)To receive the attunement simply state: " I now call down to me the Shamballa unified attunement as sent by Riza Baleghi. I ask that the Source, The Archangels, Ascended Masters,  All Beings of Light, My Guardian Angel and my Guides help me receive  this attunement for the highest good. Once the attunement is…See More
Nov 7, 2012
Shlomo is attending Chris Comish's event

Quantum Purification Healing Attunement at worldwide

November 11, 2012 all day
Here we offer the Quantum Purification healing system from Hari Winarso.  Prerequisite to get this systems is to have at least Usui Reiki Level 2QUANTUM PURIFICATION HEALING Absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations This powerful energy draws off negative energies and stress of all kindswhile purifying and reorganizing that which is disorderly.Quantum Purification Healing Increases concentration and helps in decision-makingQuantum Purification Healing is used to purify and detoxify both the…See More
Nov 7, 2012
Shlomo is attending Light_Samurai's event

Shamballa 1024 at Planet Earth

October 25, 2012 to October 24, 2013
 Some of you may see Shamballa 1024 as just another spiritual modality, but it is far more than that. Shamballa 1024 is actually a mechanism for Ascension! It is a complete package, consisting of high-vibrational energetic symbols, colors, language, Universal energies, and much more. For those of you moving into your new, evolving selves, Shamballa 1024 offers a direct, identifiable connection to the Universe, a connection that helps you expand and transform your physical and emotional bodies.…See More
Nov 7, 2012
Shlomo is attending Elisabeth Lilly's event


May 13, 2012 at 6pm to May 13, 2013 at 6pm
What's holding you back from realizing success and the rewards of your efforts? The negative programming locked in one's subconscious can be overcome. This attunement with the symbol will entering to works in your beliefs and open the door to the unlimited abundance you deserve.To receive the Attunement, please read the manual and…See More
Nov 7, 2012
Shlomo liked Mhamed Bushnaq's discussion How to Unite With God
Nov 6, 2012
Shlomo joined Chris Comish's group

Reiki Support Group

This is a group where you can post your questions about Reiki, Reiki attunements, Reiki healing etc and Reiki Master Teachers can answer you. A forum for students or for anyone who has questions. Post your discussion below.nb : a nice website for a "daily reiki" More
Nov 6, 2012
Shlomo is attending AMBA's event


April 18, 2012 at 11pm to April 17, 2013 at 1pm
Angel's symbols are a present from the angel's world. They cure our soul structure and, besides, support us to become healthy mental and physical, to attain harmony and to strengthen our energy bodies Angel Symbols • if blockades solve in the coarse-material and fine-material body, energetising and activating our Chakra • raise our energy frequency, incriminating emotions from our aura and from ours extinguish Body cells • if self healing processes can initiate and support and accompany in the…See More
Nov 6, 2012
Shlomo is attending AMBA's event

Seraphim Rose Aura Link at City of Shamballa net

April 18, 2012 at 11pm to April 17, 2013 at 11pm
Seraph Rose Aura Link The level of the Seraphim represents one of the highest vibrational part of the Angelic Realms.From this high vibrational vantage point, the Seraphim have long supported the evolution of humankind here on Earth indirectly. The Archangels and the Guardian Angels have been much more actively engaged in this process. Things have changed now! There is a tremendous acceleration of the human transformation process taking place now and the energies of the Seraphim are becoming…See More
Nov 6, 2012

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At 2:43am on October 16, 2012, AMBA said…

At 2:20pm on September 29, 2012, Sebastian Bota said…

Welcome to City of Shamballa !!! 

Enjoy looking around; do join the groups where you can share subjects with other beautiful souls here. Feel free to add discussion, comments, stories and pictures, to share with our, and now your family here. Go and get attunements .You just have to decide which one at the moment , use Recommended Attunement Order (for Chris Comish's attunements)

May i suggest you,for the beggining, to join the group for new users if you would like to tell us something about yourself.  We would love to get to know you!

i also suggest you the Art of Blessing event.

Blessings, Sebastian

At 5:37pm on September 28, 2012, Melodie Munro said…

Welcome Shlomo, to “The City of Shamballa”. It’s great to have you join our caring compassionate site. Enjoy looking around and do join the groups where you can share like minded subjects with other beautiful souls here. Feel free to add discussion, comments, stories and pictures, to share with our, and now your family here. We have a wonderful group for New Members group, please click on the link and meet people that can help you around the site and any other problems you may have here.

Blessings, Melodie

At 6:54am on September 28, 2012, alain said…

Hello Earth Angel :) you are all beautiful

i thank you for having decided to incarnate to make heaven on earth with us.

It's wonderfull to be here with you. Love, god, heaven is the truth : it everything everywhere depictied with a divine infinite creativity. Ony the ego and old beliefs stacked make you believe it's not. Ascension will bring the truth back.

Check Amba and Chris attunements, mine too :) like this one and the blogs of people around like the blog of the founder or this place :

blog/Chris Comish

Create your own and share what you like, what helps you.

There are groups too. Try this one to understand how this place work


May angels always be with you and your family and friends, and more close to you right now :)

I love you !

See you In Shamballa in oneness ;)

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