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nb : a nice website for a "daily reiki"

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The Five Reiki Principles or Precepts By Dr. Mikao Usui

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Comment by Healing Today on July 28, 2016 at 6:23am

Reiki classes in Tampa Bay area for all levels


Reiki is a natural healing modality and easy to learn. Healing Today has provided affordable classes to thousands of students since 1999.


We will present Reiki classes on August 6, 2016 in Tampa Bay area.


The classes are all inclusive. At the end of the class you will leave

with your certificate. The fees include handout, attunement, and

certificate. The level 1 class is $75 total.


Reiki Master class will be held on that Sunday.


The training is in Traditional Usui Reiki.


The classes will be taught by Richard C. Fiallo, Reiki Master. Richard has been teaching and sharing Reiki with others since 1999 and has personally attuned over 4000 different students. The classes are always fun, informative and include lots of hands-on experience.


 More info is on website here;

Comment by Healing Today on July 23, 2016 at 9:54am

Affordable Reiki Classes across the USA

Healing Today Reiki Masters have provided affordable Reiki classes to thousands of students since 1999. Reiki workshops are offered on a regular basis in several U.S. cities.


Reiki is a natural healing modality and should be available to everyone. We are proud that so many of our former students now use Reiki in their personal and professional lives.


Please visit website to learn more about Reiki and check our current schedule.


Tampa Bay Reiki training;

Seattle Reiki classes;

Atlanta Reiki;
Portland, OR Reiki;
Dallas Reiki classes;
Orlando Reiki workshops;
Miami Reiki training;
Colorado Springs Reiki;
Las Vegas Reiki;
San Antonio Reiki;

Comment by Healing Today on July 16, 2016 at 6:54pm

Affordable Reiki Classes in several Florida cities


Healing Today is proud to offer Reiki Training at affordable prices so that more people may enjoy this wonderful healing modality. Since 1999 we have provided Reiki workshops and attunements to thousands of students in several Florida cities.


The training is in traditional Usui Reiki. In the level 1 class the student is taught the basics of Reikihealing including the hand positions to practice on self and others.


The fees to the Reiki classes include handout, attunement, and certificate. The level 1 class is $75 total. The level 2 class is $85. Each workshop is all inclusive.


The training is casual, fun, and includes lots of hands-on experience.   


Tampa Bay area, Florida; August 6-7, 2016 


Ft. Lauderdale; August 6-7, 2016


Sarasota Reiki; July 16, 2016  


Orlando Reiki training; August 6-7, 2016

Comment by Healing Today on July 10, 2016 at 7:32pm

Reiki popularity soaring and more teachers are needed.


Over the past two decades, Reiki has gained much wider acceptance in the medical establishment. Hospitals are realizing the effectiveness of the treatments and also the increased patient satisfaction. Many hospitals now include Reiki in their patient services, provided by their own physicians, nurses, therapists, and other staff.


An abundance of Reiki Master/teachers are needed as more people become interested in natural healing modalities.

Healing Today has provided practical and affordable Reiki training since 1999 all over the USA. Our low prices and experience has helped make Reiki available to many people from all walks of life.

Dallas Reiki training;


Atlanta Reiki workshops;    


Tampa Bay area;   

Miami Reiki seminars;

Orlando Reiki classes;


Reiki Home Study Courses are also available. Please see website.


Comment by Healing Today on February 24, 2016 at 6:21pm

Holistic Health Faire in Florida


Please join us for the Holistic Health Faire, March 4-6, 2016, at All World Acres in the Tampa Bay area. We will learn about and experience viable healthcare options that focus on the whole self.


Activities will include; • Workshops • Vendors • Demonstrations • Reiki • Singing Bowls • Meditation • Theta healing • Qi Gong • Sweat Lodge • Crystals • Essential Oils • Yoga • Herbology • Food as Medicine • Shamanic Healing • Tai Chi • Healing Circles • and more!    


Come spend a day or camp for the entire weekend. The adult full event admission in advance is only $20 and this includes all activities and camping.


Please don’t let the low cost fool you. This will be a wonderful experience featuring many different outstanding presenters.


For more info and registration please visit;


All World Acres is a not for profit sanctuary that is operated and supported by the community it serves.

Comment by Louise Chambers on January 16, 2016 at 8:37am

Any suggestions about reiki with animals . I do my dog regularly and responds well. Also my horse who has emotional problems even though fidgety i could feel the energies hands on . I ve also done some distance with her as well. I've just gone with my gut where to put my hands. Any advice about where to put hands etc would be appreciated I'm reiki 2 doing masters in February .Thank you all the way from west Wales in the UK.

Comment by Amornkawat Boonsai on September 4, 2015 at 8:32am

I need to get healing on my face urgent. I always get red spots and rashes on my face and itchy. It got dry and peeling on my face skin. Thank you in advance.

Comment by michelle Triska on April 6, 2015 at 7:55am

if anyone does free reiki healing for mental , emotion, physical can u please send me some thank u. for everything i need and blessings good luck. 

Comment by Sacred Light ღ on March 25, 2015 at 7:07pm
Anyone can shift the energetic pattern of the heart into a healthy state - this can also be done with any part of our body or being, since we all have the capacity to self-regulate. Energy healing is a way we can help ourselves and others shift our frequencies - and frequency is a carrier for intention, so combining clear intent with energy healing can produce even more powerful and amazing healing shifts.
Comment by Healing Today on August 20, 2014 at 10:45pm

Reiki Healing Affirmations

We are always healing and our energy responds to intention. Reiki is effective because of those two simple facts of natural order. When practicing Reiki we focus our intention to healing and this helps to facilitate the natural process.


#Reiki intention: I am always in a natural state of healing and this infinitely wise energy will always provide for my highest good.


#Reiki intention; life enhancing healing energy is always flowing into my life. I use it for my good and the good of others and I am grateful for this good.


#Reiki intention: This life force energy responds to my focus and will radiate good health and wellness to every cell in my body.


#Reiki intention: This energy of infinite wisdom will always provide for my whole self as I enter into a comfortable state of being.


#Reiki intention: I am one with magnificent perfection and infinite wisdom and I enjoy the process of healing.


#Reiki intention: Life is about choices and endless potential. I choose happiness and good health. I choose to be a beneficial presence to myself and others.


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