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Dear Hannah,

Thanks for your appreciation....

With Love & Light of Reiki....


awwe thats too bad, the video has been erased. "HON SHA ZE SHO NEN is a favorite, thats too bad. also is one of my favorite symbols next to cho ku rei being a total favorite since it can be used for protection if drawn over all 4 walls and the ceiling then the floor and saying the name cho ku rei 3 times each after each wall or floor. keep your eyes closed while doing this and see light filling up the room, ask michael to help bring light down into the room and while you are asking and visualizing, you want to see the light filling the room in your minds eye and the more light that comes in, the more it dissipates the nagative di this for about20 minutes while holding your arma up and hands out (draw ho ku rei on your palms) and let the energy flow. the reiki knows what to do and is extremely multidimentional smart and can heal multi dimensions all at once and once in a while when there is an emotional blockage i like to draw sei hei ki over the heart of the person absent using the same methode as if you were to use while long distance healing but its always better in my opinion in thiis circumstance to have the person just out side the room OR better yet inside the room with you doing their visualization causing it to be 2 to the 3rd power in terms of strength and when the person starts crying this lets me know i am on the right track. expecially when people hold in their emotions and do nothing about it, your looking at a volcano of sorts to blast of of the body, brain and emotional body by a simply multidimensional symbol such as the sei hei ki. its always important to draw chokurei before anything to open up the energy flow at its strongest

Dear Mike,
You are right...
Actually Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is for better connection and Ch Ku Rei is for profuse necessary energetic flush...
Thanks for your feelings...


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