So long as we resist a situation, it will stay with us. If we run away from it, it will run after us. Why? Because the „situation“ is a frequency in our aura, and our aura is our self-created atmosphere. We cannot run away from our aura, however, we can change it in an instant by changing our thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, words and actions.

The inharmonious situation outpictures some inharmony within ourselves. Therefore, the only way to heal an inharmonious situation is to go within and correct our thoughts, feelings, words and belief around the situation.

Life is a mirror. The people in our life mirror ourselves. If we want the outer world to change, we have to turn within. The work is ever within ourselves. If we look at the bathroom mirror in the morning and we don’t like what we see, it will not occur to us to change the reflection by trying to change the mirror, will it? The only way to change the reflection in the mirror is to change ourselves. The same holds true for our entire life. Life is a mirror.

Jesus advised us to „agree with thine adversary quickly.“ Agreeing with our adversary means to look at the situation as good in that it indicates that our inner life has gotten out of harmony and that we need to turn within to correct the disharmony. The proper way to „outwardly“ respond to an undesirable situation is to remain undisturbed by it. When we emotionally respond to an unwanted situation, we feed it and keep it alive. When we remain undisturbed by it, it naturally fades away for lack of attention and energy.

Never fight an undesirable situation. Always remember: Man’s work is ever within himself.

IAMU, Gloria Excelsias

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As within so without. Thank you for the great message AMBA


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