Mass Implant and Negative Elemental Removal for the Entire Planet Meditation

Close eyes.

Assume meditation posture.

Invoke the golden-white bubble of light and the pure white light of the Christ for personal protection.

Call forth the inner plane Hierarchy of Planetary and Cosmic Ascended Masters, the Archangels and the Elohim.

Call upon Vywamus, Lenduce, Djwhal Khul, and St. Germain to assist you in neutralizing and eliminating all negative implants within your four lower bodies.

Thank these beloved Masters and ask them to remain in order to help to remove and deactivate all negative implants within all of humanity around the entire globe, as well as from within the fields of our pets.

Call upon Archangels Michael and Faith for extra protection.

Call also upon the Lord of Arcturus for any assistance he and his fellow Arcturians can provide with their advanced technology.

Call also upon beloved Lord Buddha, our Planetary Logos, and upon Sanat Kumara.

See within your inner sense pure golden light flowing into the mental, emotional, etheric and even physical bodies of every single person around the globe.

Watch as this light neutralizes any and every implant within the four lower bodies.

See this light become the hands of Vywamus, Sanat Kumara, Lenduce and St. Germain as they lift these implants and elementals out of every aspect and area in which they have been lodged.

The ones that are lifted by Vywamus, Lenduce and Sanat Kumara are transmuted by the touch of their golden light. The ones being lifted out by the hands of St. Germain are transmuted by his Violet Transmuting Flame that glows from within his hands. Djwhal Khul does this process through the use of his holographic computer.

Feel a lightness come over your entire being and let this lightness flow across the globe as you visualize all implants and elementals of a negative nature being either removed altogether or turned totally inactive.

Ask beloved Archangels Michael and Faith for extra protection against any further negative implants being installed. Request this also from the Lord of Arcturus, so that he and the Arcturians may intervene.

Ask to be filled with the essence of pure love and radiant light and the infusion of the First Ray of Will. Specifically request El Morya to assist you in strengthening your own willpower and that of all humanity as the will of all merges with the Will of GOD.

Know within the core of your being that unconditional pure Love, pure Light, and the Will-to-Good act as barriers against any outside interference.

Once again invoke the added protection of Archangels Michael and Faith. Invoke them each and every night before you go to sleep, both for your further protection and for the protection of all humanity and the animals that reside within our dwelling.

Return into your newly cleansed bodies. Remind yourself to stay ever centered within Light, Love, and Power, and build up an impenetrable force field of protection. Pray that all of humanity comes to the understanding and application of Divine Law.

Thank all the beloved beings of the Celestial Realms who have been of assistance during this meditation.

Anchor your grounding cord and open your eyes.

Dr Joshua David Stone

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Dear Amba,


With Love & Blessings.....


Please read this post to know better what are the implants.......

Namaste, Amba


thanks you so much=)

Thank you so much Amba , so powerful...

One love

Dear AMBA,

Thanks with Love & Blessings,


Dear Amba,
is a very important meditation, and good advice, to maintain, its system in the light,
a better service for itself and for all
Thank you for sharing of instruments of light,


In love and light

Beautiful, implants and elementals can be cause for so many problems, for individuals and societies, glad to add to this movement.


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