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2012 Research Data on Manifestation


2012 Research Data on Manifestation

Before applying to join please READ the following to understand the requirements for this site and why you may have experienced difficulty joining it.

This group is RESTRICTED to those that are researching material related to the topics posted below. It is not for everyone's tastes, so please be aware that some applications may be respectfully declined unless the purpose is clearly spelled out.

If you wish to join please send me an e mail and indicate to me your area of RESEARCH interest as well as your specialization or contribution.( eg interest in Geo Physical phenomena, Bio Physiological, Geo Spatial, Socio-Economic-Political ? etc )

Information about the 2012 shift in the following areas is being gathered in limited form:

1) Geo-spatial events and changes (Planet X, double sun, solar flares, photon belt etc)

2) Geo physical events and changes (all earth changes and activities, seismic etc)

3) Bio-physiological events and manifestations (DNA, health, symptoms etc)

4) Significant socio-economic-political events (consciousness social, economics, changing politics, finance etc)

5) Technological/Scientific (free energy, alternative energy, nanotechnology, space technology etc)

6) Conflicting/Contrasting Data in the public domain (Channeled or other sourced data pronouncing changes related to the above areas via divine intervention, mediums etc)

7) Metaphysical/Spiritual data intersecting with ABOVE THREADS ONLY: (secret societies, brotherhoods, conspiracies etc, NOT channeled information unless commented for research)

8) Historical Threads

Being a RESEARCH group it is a collection of articles and data on the above so it is NOT a curio/chat forum. Please be aware that some applications may be respectfully declined. All genuine researchers/writers are welcome to join and CONTRIBUTE to these threads.

It is NOT a forum for non related postings or discussions since data collected is RAW and contains both converging/contrasting information that could confuse or upset non researchers.

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