Creating a reiki, an attunement, empowerment, energy....transmitting's all very easy and anyone on the ascension path should just handle it easily.

Using this tool i invite everyone to do some often. I envision City Of Shamballa's members creating (and posting it) one new energy every month to start.

We are more than 1000 members. Imagine :)

there is no time or space and God already gave us all, we have already everything. We are just here to remember that.remember that.

So set your intention, and Say YES to trigger it>you will be creating, bringing to Earth, manifesting your essence and receviing your attunement at the same time.

The steps are :

1)Center, ground, align and ask God to tell you what to do to make heaven on Earth now and more everyday.

"God please take me in your heart, center me and ground me and put me in oneness with my infiniteself all for my highest good and greatest good. Thank you"

          (you might have ideas coming in the day every day)

Put yourself in a state of gratitude and peace. I am god i am that i am.

I am am being of love, peace and light for the highest good and greatest good of me and all. I am god.


(it's just exemples, do how you prefer)

2) Define precisely your intentions : what would this energy do ?

        (this is the main part)

3) Create it, then, like the next day, receive it.

To create it, put yourself in a state of peace, love, gratitude.

Find a name that would identify it.

Then write it after the word Yes. You will feel the energy building up :)

Then relax, go drink, forget about it.

Receive it the next day. and play with it.

...If you are satisfied,

4) Write notes, maybe a manual with your practice.

And share it with everywhere (not just here) with everyone you can know and not only on internet if you can.

An exemple to create an energy:

2)  Let's say i would like to create an energy that is Sanat Kumara. So that anytime i use it, I act like i am Sanat Kumara and that everything he can do, i can.

3)  I just keep that in mind and write "Yes sanat Kumara" and relax, and feel, and enjoy the erergy creating itself by God and the Shamballa help gathered all around you.

Don't worry about the details because the divine is around you making it perfect for you and us. I've created a full system that i encoded to work that way. Very easy and simple, but beyond the veil a lot is happening.

If you are ready to share this energy, ask God again to help you to write notes about it. Activate it and pray for this.

4) For this exemple i would simply note down my intentions 2) to inform everyone. That's it.

Find a very simple idea first. And ask your questions here so i can guide you.

It you just to heal yourslef or someone, you can simply create a specific healing energy transmission for your own specific problems you are having. You name it "my personal healing" and intent to receive the healing you need for the problems you mentionned be perfeclty healed for ever

If your heart wishes so, make a donation of any amount to this place to keep it up for us and our futur.

I envision every members giving 5 € for exemple each month.

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This is great service, thank you Alain.

Namaste, Love and Light!


Thank you alain 


Great idea Alain! I'll think on this :)

Dear Alain,

Thanks.....Useful to all of where....


Angels are everywhere guiding us.

Thanks for your guidance

I had that idea too. It's a wise concern :) Chris comish told me to intent it. I've found it again in one of joshua david stone books (you know them ?)

"i intent to the divine that all of my bodies receive 24/24hours, 7/7d, 365d/d for my whole incarnation all the energies needed included minerals, hormones, that i am always in perfect health (and that my physical body is awalys a perfect graal...)for my highest good and my greatest good."

Make it your own.

An attunement is not necessary.

Your idea is not a simple one from my point of view to start.

Health is something i don't understand ; i mean if you seek health with this method, maybe it won't satisfy you. Only your divine plan knows. If you wish to make an attunement though, i would do it as an activation, in a sense that i don't need to "eat" everyday with this system.

Do you have questions on that ?

No, think it only once. Read it again, you did not notice "24/24hours, 7/7d, 365d/d for my whole incarnation" How did you miss that ? :)

Often people miss the obvious. If you came here to me for help, i'd be glad to expand your awareness in every directions perfectly. the ego is  the only chalenge becase it's the only source of mistakes.

And even though i did not encourage you to read Stone's books, i personanly would not waste anytime studying any other book. But this is just my loud opinion -all have a paht to shamballa) ; you are not asking me, so i don't put it onto you.  I'm learning freel will :)

You came to earth to find faith blinded. Everything is real, you choose it ;)

Your reality is literally what you are in your heart.

would it help if i write it differently ?

Also, about repeatition....i simply prefer to ask God to do its will to do mine.

For exemple, God reprogram myself on all levels so that my life is heaven at all times even in the physical for my highest good, greatest good, highest happiness. Amen.

Each one uses its own method.

For the persons who might read this later and find help in this little conversation, know i do not wish to go on talking here but it's ok in private. Here is for learning attunements.

But Alexandra is pointing something very important, the biggest lesson, trick, problems we all have or had, what earth is for : love and faith. It is the 2 keys. If you have that, you can awake easily, do miracles because everything is held in the simplest intent. And you may also simply ascend just after your actual futur disincarnation.

Absolute faith and love are what everything are. The mental cannot make you get this because it is the basic nature of the heart, not the mental.

Wathc and feel Braco to catch what is pure faith and being in it, in love

Alexandra like many people all over the world have the belief "I must still learn a lot." This is your chalenge, your greatest obstacle.

No one study faith, we jump into it and simply receive. Don't think, don't understand, just jump in. It is the same to awaken.

(alexandra, don't answer to this, unless you wish in private because you are in the dynamic of the 4th dimension lesson : the illusion of the mental, thinking to light up, you could be thinking for 1000 years...)

that's all right; thank you

thank you so much, Alain, you gave what was missing to turn on the idea is running around my mind since two years ago. Lots of blessings!

Thanks! :)


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