Hi wonderful people of Shamballa,

i just had a very profound experience while lying in my bathtub meditating.I was contacted by the Ascended Master  El Morya who downloaded me with a very expansive and transformative energy.This energy was of a silver hue and i am told that it has the power to reconnect you with your higher self and align your heart with the source energy.It also has a very cleansing character and will realign you with your original healthy blueprint and will rid your energy of all outdated and stagnant energies.Since being attuned to this energy by El Morya i have been feeling extremely "awake" and joyful.

I would like to ask if you are interested in being attuned to this new energy and share with me all of your experiences so that i can gain more insight in the character of this energy.

If you are interested in my offer to partake in this experiment and be a pioneer in this new energy system i am certain it will bring you a lot of blessings and healing !

If you feel guided to make a little donation you can click on the link below : )

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I am interested, if it is still available. Thanks


I would love to try this attunement, could you please create for me a chi ball also?


bonjour, je suis tres interresser par this raccordement,


nightfox this is john I am new to city of shamballa I read your post and would also like to attune to the silver ray connection energy are you still offering it. if so please include me in it. Thanks from John

Hello nightfox my name is Fran and  I am new to City of Shamballa. I have read your post and would also like to be attuned to the Silver Ray connection energy if it's still something you are offering. If so please include me. Thank you Namaste 

Hello, NIGHTFOX! I am interested in this beautiful attunement. Please include me also and send me kindly the chi ball.

Thank you and NAMASTE,




lightfox, please be so kind and attunment me,, just guide me throgu and i will be delight to share my experience,, thanksyou so much

I would be interested in this attunement. Thank you!
I would be interested!
Love & Light


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